Retrosuburban Rich List / New Food Host in Oakleigh East

Retrosuburbia book cover

The Retrosuburban Rich List    David Holmgren, aka the co-originator of Permaculture, is coming to CERES in October for a conversation about his new book Retrosuburbia; The Downshifters Guide to a Resilient Future. I’ve been reading this latest chapter in David’s 40 year Permaculture journey and beneath the practical strategies on retrofitting our houses, gardens and neighbourhoods David is […]

Lucky we’ve got Dan / Big news on the Recycled Kinetic Electric Playground

Dan O'Farrell CERES Fair Food

  Lucky we’ve got Dan Four years ago Dan O’Farrell finished his studies in Brisbane and came down to join CERES as professional writing intern.  After a few weeks of working on Fair Food’s Terms and Conditions page Dan confessed his dream to be a farmer….. Dan: “Chris is there any sort of farming I could do here?” Chris: “Hmmmm […]

The beguiling smile of Robert Pekin

Robert Pekin and Emma-Kate Rose

Robert Pekin’s madly infectious smile has the kind of power to convince you to become deeply involved in a new social movement you’ve never heard of, adopt a so-far-out-of-left field idea that gets you simultaneously excited & terrified or has you sign onto a scheme so optimistically crazy that just might work….and possibly get you arrested. […]

A lesson from Mo, broad beans with Joe and a word with Eric

A lesson from Mo

A lesson from Mo! It’s been a big week for Fair Food’s production supervisor, Mohammed Nabaei.   When Doug, a journalist from The Thomson Reuters Foundation, visited in August to do an article on Fair Food nobody really gave it a second thought.  But when the article was picked up by the South China Morning Post nobody was […]

How Now Dairy – Cow-centred farming/ Love Stories and Dedications

How Now Dairy

How Now Dairy – Cow-centred farming Cathy Palmer and Les Sandles are doing something at their Wunghnu dairy farm, their industry said couldn’t be done. They’re milking cows while keeping the calves with their mothers. It sounds pretty simple but it goes directly against dairy farming orthodoxy and is shaking people’s ideas up about what’s possible when comes to […]

In the shed putting eggs in boxes / Robyn Clayfield – coming to CERES

Abundance Eggs - Kali sorting

In the shed putting eggs in boxes   Being a farmer can be a very Instagramable profession, but this pic is actually what a lot of farming looks like –  you in a shed, at a desk, packing eggs into boxes. There’s also the pic of you in the van bringing eggs to drop around town, the […]