Privacy policy


We respect the privacy of our customers.

It is the policy of CERES Fair Food Inc. to comply with the Australian Privacy Principles set out in the Privacy Act 1988.

As a matter of principle, CERES Fair Food discloses no personal information except for the express purpose of rendering food delivery services, with due regard for the law. Please be assured that we do our utmost to preserve personal information against misuse, unsolicited marketing communications, spam and the like.


On opening an account with CERES Fair Food we require that customers provide us with their name, delivery address, email address, and a telephone or mobile number. Customers may open an account on our website , or, alternatively, over the phone, or by post.

If a customer wishes to buy goods from our online store, we require that he or she supplies his or her credit card details so that payment may be transacted electronically. Credit card details may be lodged securely through our website, or confidentially over the telephone.

It is difficult for CERES Fair Food to deliver goods and services to persons that wish to remain completely anonymous. Customers purchasing goods from our online store are required to pay the attendant bill of charge electronically, with a valid debit or credit card registered in their name. If for whatever reason you shouldn’t wish to volunteer personal information as required by CERES Fair Food, we may not be able to satisfy your order.

Individuals may subscribe to our newsletter on our homepage, by way of email. You need only register an active email address to do so.

If you wish to do so, you may subscribe to our newsletter anonymously or under the guise of a pseudonym. You needn’t register an email address associated with your actual name, or any name at all.

If for whatever reason CERES Fair Food receives unsolicited personal information, we shall move to ascertain whether the same information could not have been otherwise fairly obtained in accordance with Australian privacy laws. If we decide in the negative, the information will be destroyed and de-identified. If we decide that the individual associated with the information might have sent us the information with a view to engaging our services, we shall attempt to contact him or her to resolve the matter. Else, the information will be destroyed and de-identified.


CERES Fair Food collects personal information from individuals in order that it may convey its food delivery service and associated direct marketing communications (newsletters, updates, sms reminders, etc.).

When a customer engages our services, we request minimally that he or she disclose but what personal information is necessary to the routine performance of the prescribed service under question.


In view of privacy laws, CERES Fair Food has imposed measures to secure personal information from misuse, interference and loss; and from unauthorised access, modification and disclosure. Personal information is stored securely under lock and key, and access is restricted to those staff which are authorised to manage such information.

CERES Fair Food stores personal information materially and electronically at our own premises in Northcote, Victoria. Some personal information may be transacted remotely with the assistance of our service provider Rimuhosting . It is foreseeable that Rimuhosting may transfer customer information across its global network, if one of its data centers should fail, or owing to some irregular circumstance. Rimuhosting has data centers in Brisbane, Sydney, New Zealand, Dallas, and London.

CERES Fair Food processes payment for services electronically in alliance with SecurePay , a reputable e-commerce service provider based in Australia. When a customer discloses his or her credit card information for the provision of services on our website, it is secured remotely and electronically by SecurePay, using Secure Sockets Layer technology (SSL). When a customer supplies his or her credit or debit card information over the phone, it is entered confidentially into the same remote system, where it undergoes the same encryption.

Neither CERES Fair Food nor SecurePay shares personal information about individuals with other entities.

Neither CERES nor SecurePay sends customer information overseas.

On occasion CERES Fair Food may employ sub-contractors to dispatch good and services. Any third party with which we engage (couriers, for example), shall be held accountable to the same privacy laws and principles. No personal information other than that which is necessary to the performance of prescribed services shall be disclosed herewith.

CERES Fair Food destroys and ‘de-identifies’ personal information that is no longer needed for the purposes for which it was expressly obtained.

If it occasioned that some crisis arose that threatened the life, health or safety of an individual in the course of our routine activities, it is not inconceivable that CERES Fair Food may be obliged under Australian privacy laws to surrender personal information to enforcement or health authorities. Similarly, if we were to have reason to suspect some unlawful activity in connection with our functions or activities, we reserve the right to disclose personal information to enforcement authorities accordingly.


In the main our direct marketing communications consists of newsletters, promotional material related to our organic food delivery service, and service reminders. For the most part these communications are issued online, via email and social media, but from time to time we send marketing communications by way of post.

It is our policy to ensure that customers are able to choose whether or not they are to receive such communications. Accordingly, there are several means by which customers may determine to their own satisfaction the extent to which they are to receive communications from us.

On opening an account with CERES Fair Food customers are presented with a choice as to whether they are to receive newsletters, promotions, or sms or email reminders associated with our service. Customers may choose to receive all or some or none of these communications as they see fit.

Customers with existing accounts are welcome to alter or cancel their subscription to marketing communications online at their own convenience. When once ‘signed in’ to an existing account, customers may easily follow prompts to alter or cancel their subscription to marketing communications.

Moreover, it our policy to ensure customers are presented with a means of modifying or cancelling their subscription to marketing communications on receipt of each and every article of communication. At the end of each marking communication it is our practice to remark at least one means by which customers may cancel or modify the terms of their subscription.

If you should require help with regard to modifying or cancelling your subscription to newsletters, promotions, or email and/or sms reminders, please contact us by phone, email or post in order that we may render assistance at the soonest convenience.


CERES Fair Food customers are welcome to view and correct what information CERES Fair Food holds in their name. The CERES Fair Food website has been designed so that customers may access their personal account with CERES Fair Food and correct personal at their own convenience.

If for whatever reason you wish to access your personal information by a different means, please call us during business hours and we will assist you with your inquiry. Alternatively, write us by mail or email, and we shall reply at the soonest convenience.

CERES Fair Food may not be able satisfy a request to access or correct personal information if such an act would contravene privacy law (see: Australian Privacy Principle 12 – access to personal information).


If for whatever reason you should wish to complain about some oversight on our part or a perceived violation of privacy laws, please contact us and we will address your concern at the soonest convenience. Customers may lodge a complaint online , by post, or by calling us during business hours.


If you should wish to cancel your account with CERES Fair Food, please contact us and we will attend to your request as soon as possible. It is our policy to comply to all such requests, unless some irregular circumstance should cause us to suspect that such an action would contravene Australian privacy laws. On the rare occasion of which, we would take care to communicate our reservation as to the cancellation of the account by way of written notice, and persist to resolve the matter in accordance with Australian privacy laws.


Privacy Officer


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