Em and Meg at Honey Lane, CERES East Brunswick

Our growers and makers

We support growers and makers who share our values, pay them a fair price, and stick with them through the seasons.

Fruit and Veg

Our fruit and veg are grown by many hands, on farms big and small. This includes certified organic and biodynamic farmers, as well as new regenerative growers, urban mushroom entrepreneurs, even keepers of backyard lemon trees! – all working together to create a diverse and thriving local food network.

CERES manages several urban farming projects that are regularly found in our produce deliveries (Joe’s Garden, CERES Honey Lane, and Organic Microgreens) and we buy directly from many local organic farmers – this puts more dollars into their pockets, adds more flexibility to their seasons and generally makes life as a grower a lot more sustainable. 


Our wholefoods and grocery products come from businesses who are as local as possible, and who we believe are making smart choices for the future – on our grocery shelves you’ll find organic ingredients, circular packaging systems, and non-toxic products backed by ethical business standards we respect.

When sourcing new products we:
– Prioritise organic and ethical
– Choose Australian grown and made first
– Minimise packaging and avoid it when possible
– Are mindful of palm oil 
– Choose Fair and Direct Trade
– Are GM Free

Meet the people!

CERES Joe’s Market Garden

Growers: Emily
Where:  Woiwurrung Country – Coburg
Kms from Fair Food: 6
Growing: Greens, herbs, flowers, carrots, radishes, zucchinis, fennel, tomatoes, Lebanese cucumbers 
How: Certified organic, regenerative practices, social enterprise

CERES Organic Bakery

Maker: Alex
Woiwurrung Country – Brunswick East
KMs from Fair Food
: 7
Making: Sourdough bread
Using: Certified organic ingredients
Packaging: Compostable and recyclable

CERES Microgreens

Growers: Jess and Nina
Where: Woiwurrung Country – Preston
Kms from Fair Food: 0!
Growing: Pea shoots and radish shoots
How: Certified organic, regenerative practices, biointensive, social enterprise

Emmaline Farm

Growers: Noleen
Where:  Taungurung Country – Cathedral Ranges
Kms from Fair Food: 90
Growing: garlic, pumpkins, apples, feijoas, kiwi fruit, squash, blueberries, blackberries, red peppers, pears, lemons, chillies, tomatoes, Lebanese cucumbers 
How: Organic, regenerative practices

Island Home

Makers: Charith and Michele
Woiwurrung Country – Carlton
KMs from Fair Food:
Making: Sri Lankan heat and serve meals
Using: certified organic ingredients
Packaging: Compostable

Hazeldean Forest Farm

Growers: Jason and Marg
Where: Boonwurrung Country –  Ellinbank
Kms from Fair Food: 124
Growing: apples, plums, peaches, chestnuts, walnuts, persimmons and nashis. They also make apple cider vinegar.
How: Certified organic, regenerative practices

CERES Honey Lane

Growers: Rachel and Lucille 
Where: Woiwurrung Country – Brunswick EastKms from Fair Food: 7
Growing: Greens, herbs, flowers, carrots, radishes, zucchinis, fennel
How: Certified organic, regenerative, biointensive practices, social enterprise

Farm Raiser
Farm Raiser

Growers: Kristy, Patrick, Charlotte, Caitlin and Eve
Where: Woiwurrung Country – Bellfield
Kms from Fair Food: 3
Growing: Greens, radishes, celery and herbs
How: Organic, regenerative, biointensive practices

Monsieur Truffe

Maker: Samanta
Woiwurrung Country – Brunswick
KMs from Fair Food
: 8
Making: All things chocolate: bars, spread, hot chocolate
Using: Certified organic ingredients
Packaging: Compostable and recyclable

Himalaya Tibetan Tent

Makers: Tashi and Anj
Woiwurrung Country – Sunbury
KMs from Fair Food:
Making: Tibetan momos
Using: organic ingredients
Packaging: Recyclable

Madelaine’s Eggs

Farmer: Madelaine
Where: Woiwurrung Country – Riddell’s Creek
KMs from Fair Food:
Farming: Certified organic Eggs
Chickens per hectare: Maximum of 250, currently at 130 per hectare 
Packaging: Recyclable

Wahrina Farm

Growers: Jenny, David Shane, Anne and Bernie
Where:  Ngurraiillam Country – Goulburn Valley
Kms from Fair Food: 180
Growing: Pistachios
How: Organic, regenerative practices

The Dirt Company

Makers: Frankie (and her team)
Woiwurrung Country – Brunswick
KMs from Fair Food:
Making: Concentrated laundry liquids
Using: No artificial scents or dye. 100% biodegradable ingredients. Refillable pump glass bottles.
Packaging: Sent back to Dirt for reuse and then recycled at end of life

Schulz Organic Dairy

Makers: Michael and Simon Schulz 
Location: Djargurdwurung Country – Timboon
KMs from Fair Food: 242
Making: Milk, cream, yoghurt
Using: Certified organic ingredients
Packaging: Reused and recyclable

Pepo Farms

Growers: Sharon
Where:  Waveroo Country – Ovens, Australia
Kms from Fair Food: 284
Growing: Pumpkin seeds and hazelnuts
How: Certified organic