Sometimes the things we do

pop up in the news

From hosting packing floor concerts that support local musicians during COVID-19 to sharing our knowledge on sustainable farming - there's always a story to tell about our community.

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The Guardian

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It’s a bountiful harvest in this year’s Olives to Oil festival – 20 tonnes of fruit has been collected, and it’s expected to yield 2,000 litres of oil

Triple R

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Chris Ennis is here to tell us about a not new, but kind of unknown segment of the fruit and veg market called Integrated Pest Management 

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Chris Ennis from Melbourne based online grocery CERES says produce from farmers who are working to reduce their chemical use but aren’t organic could be a more affordable option for environmentally conscious shoppers

Eco Voice

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An organics expert’s advice for the ethical shopper navigating rising cost of living

Channel Nine News

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Farmers plead for Aussies to buy local flowers this Valentine’s Day

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This time of year is big for cut flowers… what most people don’t realise is that almost 10 million roses are imported for Valentine’s Day alone and the way they stay fresh and cheap is through herbicide and pesticide use.

The Sydney Morning Herald​

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Musicians shift from concert hall to factory floor as pandemic bites