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In January, Fair Food is teaming up with master fermenter Pat from Pat’s Veg and the crew from Kombuchaid to bring you the 2016 Unglut Your Gut Challenge!

Just plug in the coupon code GUT at checkout, order Fair Food over four consecutive weeksand we’ll send you a FREE Good Gut Pack with your fourth order!


To take the challenge there’s three very important steps (you have to do all of these or you don’t get the fermented goodies)

Step 1.  Place an order before midnight February 1st 

Step 2.  Order for 4 CONSECUTIVE WEEKS (Orders need to be $30 or more)

Step 3  Activate the challenge by entering the code GUT in the promo box with your FIRST order

Do these things and we’ll deliver with your 4th order these two powerful probiotic products; a 314gm bottle of Pat’s Veg (various flavours) and a 330ml bottle of Kombuchaid Lemon & Ginger or Blackberry & Ginger.



Our mission is to do good at every part in the food chain

Buy Fair:  We buy food from local farmers and grocery producers at fair prices and stick with them season after season.


Employ Fair: We give asylum seekers and new arrivals (around half of our 25 staff) that crucial first job in Australia.


Build Community: We deliver our food orders to a network of 67 volunteer Food Host pick-up points in neighbourhoods across Melbourne.


All Profits Go to CERES Environmental Education:  All our profits help CERES, Australia’s most visited environment park, teach children and adults to care for our planet.  Since 1990 over a million school children and adults have participated in CERES programs.


Offset Carbon:  We offset our delivery vehicles carbon emissions with contributions to the Lao Cook-stove Project.


Organic Food Delivery Melbourne

CERES Fair Food is an organic food delivery service and online grocer, providing Melbourne with the freshest seasonal organic fruits, vegetables, and other organic groceries, all sourced from our network local farmers and artisans. We pay farmers a fair price for their sustainably grown food, delivering fair food boxes of certified organic fruits, vegetables and other groceries such as bread, free range eggs and bio-dynamic milk to households across Melbourne.


Our carbon neutral home delivery and local pick up options provide you with choice and the freshest produce available, while helping to create healthier, happier and more sustainable local food systems.


Pick up for FREE on from one of our many Food Hosts located across Melbourne, or get organic food delivered to your door on Wednesdays between 11am-7pm for a small fee. You can check where we deliver here.


New to Fair Food or signed up but never got around to ordering? Got a friend you’d like to introduce to organic eating? We’d like to give you and your friends the gift of Fair Food!
   To get 5% off your first order, at checkout simply enter the coupon code: JOINUS


Why Eat Fair Foods?

  • We pay local farming families a fair price for sustainably grown organic food
  • We reduce food miles, packaging and waste
  • We connect you to a community of fair food eaters as well as the farmers who grow your food
  • We employ and train disadvantaged workers
  • We’re a not-for-profit, supporting the good work of CERES  Environment Park


To put your groceries to good work, simply join and…

1. Select one of our seasonal set boxes or build your own box from the extra fruit n veg section.

2. Add other organic groceries like bread, milk, eggs and coffee, if you wish.

3. Choose a low carbon delivery option that’s convenient for you. You can either collect your box from a friendly Food Host near you, or use our carbon neutral home delivery service.

4. Enjoy a fair food feast that’s full of tasty, colourful and interesting seasonal veggies, which will leave you feeling good!


Join the Fair Food Movement!

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Home Delivery

For the most convenient way to get your fairly traded organic food, choose our carbon neutral home delivery service.


The service costs just $6.75 for most Melbourne suburbs, except Zone 2 which costs $12.95. You can check which area you belong to here.


You must order before Sunday 11:59pm for a Wednesday delivery.


Deliveries are made between 11am-7pm, Wednesdays.


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Local Pick Up

For the most affordable and socially engaged way to get your organic food delivery, pick up from a Food Host near you.


Our volunteer Food Hosts kindly provide a space each week for members to pick up the local organic food they order online.



For a Tuesday delivery, you must order before Sunday 11:59pm.


For a Thursday delivery, you must order before Tuesday 11:59pm.


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