Joe’s Market Garden FarmRaiser / Green Drought

CERES Joe's garden - thinning seeds

Joe’s Market Garden FarmRaiser Yesterday a group of visitors from ORI Co-op came down to visit Joe’s Market Garden and take in the Saturday Farmgate.  It was a beautiful scene; a group of regular veggie shoppers were gathered around the fire bin chatting, sipping coffee, breathing in wood smoke mixed with the smell of soil […]

Porridge & the Promised Land / Pick our projects…please

Commons and Nightingale

Porridge & The Promised Land We’re all children of migrants; over millennia our ancestors have escaped ice ages, droughts, famines, religious persecution, great depressions and world war. There’s always a crisis in the mix and little by little our own crisis is revealing itself.  This time, despite what American tech billionaire preppers might say about the South Island of New Zealand, […]

Lucky we’ve got Dan / Big news on the Recycled Kinetic Electric Playground

Dan O'Farrell CERES Fair Food

  Lucky we’ve got Dan Four years ago Dan O’Farrell finished his studies in Brisbane and came down to join CERES as professional writing intern.  After a few weeks of working on Fair Food’s Terms and Conditions page Dan confessed his dream to be a farmer….. Dan: “Chris is there any sort of farming I could do here?” Chris: “Hmmmm […]

How Now Dairy – Cow-centred farming/ Love Stories and Dedications

How Now Dairy

How Now Dairy – Cow-centred farming Cathy Palmer and Les Sandles are doing something at their Wunghnu dairy farm, their industry said couldn’t be done. They’re milking cows while keeping the calves with their mothers. It sounds pretty simple but it goes directly against dairy farming orthodoxy and is shaking people’s ideas up about what’s possible when comes to […]

The Retelling / Honouring Nirma

Plastic Free sustainable living

The Retelling Over the last seven years Plastic Free July’s were largely the unfashionable provenance of a few well-meaning but deeply suspect folk likely to ride bamboo framed bicycles or be the evangelistic owners of a home biodigester.  This Plastic Free July, however, has been unlike any other; since ABC’s War on Waste, the supermarket plastic bag bans and the […]