As above so below, only more so

As above so below…only more so About a dozen years ago on a two week intensive soils course in Lismore NSW, Dr Elaine Ingham revealed to a roomful of farmers that in the top few inches of a hectare of healthy soil there existed an interdependent web of nutrient-cycling bacteria, fungi, nematodes, flagellates, protozoa, mites […]

Svend and the Garden of Tastes

Svend Davorksen at Aarstiderne - CERES Fair Food

Svend and the Garden of Tastes   Last July I visited Svend Davorksen at the warehouse of Aarstiderne – Denmark’s largest online organic grocery.  I thought I was going to learn about cutting edge logistics and sophisticated marketing from one of Europe’s most successful organic food business. A year later I’m still trying to integrate what I […]

Joe’s Market Garden FarmRaiser / Green Drought

CERES Joe's garden - thinning seeds

Joe’s Market Garden FarmRaiser Yesterday a group of visitors from ORI Co-op came down to visit Joe’s Market Garden and take in the Saturday Farmgate.  It was a beautiful scene; a group of regular veggie shoppers were gathered around the fire bin chatting, sipping coffee, breathing in wood smoke mixed with the smell of soil […]

The produce and the people / Urban farming kids


The produce and the people Today I was taking pleasure in a wheelbarrow full of a dark, moist chocolatey compost; a  miracle of microbiological transmogrification. I’m no musician or gifted cook, but I can make a pretty good compost (it’s possibly genetic; my dad is well known for his heaps). Anyway, I was admiring the compost because Alan, our neighbour’s, […]

A lesson from Mo, broad beans with Joe and a word with Eric

A lesson from Mo

A lesson from Mo! It’s been a big week for Fair Food’s production supervisor, Mohammed Nabaei.   When Doug, a journalist from The Thomson Reuters Foundation, visited in August to do an article on Fair Food nobody really gave it a second thought.  But when the article was picked up by the South China Morning Post nobody was […]

February rich pickings for the thinking farmer

February – rich pickings for the thinking farmer  February is a busy time for most farmers and gardeners but if you can get somebody to cover your zucchini harvest, water your microgreens and bottle your kombucha then this month there is some seriously inspiring fruit to fill your metaphorical apple picking bag! Here’s a taster….. Saturday Feb 3rd  CERES Joe’s Market Garden Tour  […]