February rich pickings for the thinking farmer

February – rich pickings for the thinking farmer  February is a busy time for most farmers and gardeners but if you can get somebody to cover your zucchini harvest, water your microgreens and bottle your kombucha then this month there is some seriously inspiring fruit to fill your metaphorical apple picking bag! Here’s a taster….. Saturday Feb 3rd  CERES Joe’s Market Garden Tour  […]

CERES Fair Wood – that’s right, WOOD / CERES Harvest Festival


CERES Fair Wood – that’s right “wood” Two years ago while dropping off some fruit at the Fair Food warehouse, feijoa grower and award-winning architect Paul Haar cannily planted an idea. He asked if CERES could do something like Fair Food but with small scale agroforesters and timber – i.e. CERES Fair Wood?  My first reaction […]

Virtuous eggy circle / And then our fingers brushed in the oxalis

Virtuous eggy circle  Each Wednesday when he brings his eggs in from Abundance Farm in Raglan just North West of Ballarat to the Fair Food warehouse in Preston, Alex also collects our green waste to take back to feed his chooks.  All that not-quite-right fruit and veg that didn’t make the grade goes up the Western Freeway to make more eggs […]

The Joy That Lies Ahead / Fair Food Closed Easter Monday

The joy that lies ahead  I got an email from Jenny Indian up in Stanley this week containing the picture above-  it was a reminder that chestnuts would be arriving in the next couple of weeks. Now ignoring for a moment that it’s apple and pear season (we’ll be catching up with Hazeldean Forest Farm in the next week […]

Give us a sign Youbi / Never a better time to be Australian

Give us a sign For months at the new Fair Food warehouse in Preston disorientated delivery drivers have been tentatively sticking their heads in the front door asking if they’re in the right place.  The confusion has arisen due to the huge plumbing supplies sign above our roller door, a leftover from the previous tenants. Clearly something had to be done. First […]

CLOSED Queen’s Birthday

We are closed next Queen’s Birthday Monday – we’re hoping all our farmers and makers also get some time off from harvesting, packing, cooking or baking or delivering. We will be back bright and early on Tuesday for deliveries as usual.