Another kind of sugar / Urban Farmer dream job

Global Climate Strike 2019

Another kind of sugar When I was seven years old growing up in rural New Zealand my mum flew to Brisbane to help my uncle Jeff, whose Gold Coast nursery business was going down the gurgler. In those days getting on a plane was a really big thing.  We drove Mum up to Auckland airport […]

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CERES Harvest Day - Tarantella Melbourne - CERES Fair Food

At this year’s Harvest Festival as the passata makers wiped the last sauce spatters away, Rosa Voto and musicians, Sancori, took centre stage to perform Stories of Harvest from Southern Italy to a gathering of harvest revellers primed to let loose.

Work with us

Nicky at the Fair Food warehouse

This month we’re hiring a new customer service person! Read on for more about our team, our values, and of course the PD.

A walk in Maurie’s gumboots

Maurie Cafra, organic grower

Maurie knows cutting asparagus is a slog – starting as early as 2am, working by torchlight, walking five kilometres a day in diving boots, cutting 300kgs of asparagus – it’s not for everyone.

The path to vegetable enlightenment

Fair Food set box

My own failed veg box experience was years of composting the limp beetroot and yellowing cabbage my family didn’t eat and feeling a kind of “veg box shame”.

Birds, trees, beetroot and olives

eastern spinebill

So much happening around CERES during this wintery weather! From firewood and awards for Fair Wood, to our waste-free beetroot curry workshop, and Joes Garden Feathery Fundraiser (complete with bird-themed dress up) at the farm gate. Busy season!