It’s the peak of the growing season when a year or sometimes more of a farmer’s work comes to fruition.

The question that guides

Can food be fairer? It’s the question that guides our work and over the years it’s evolved in sometimes surprising ways.

New Traditions

Olives to Oil returns to CERES this May 21st when people all around Melbourne will harvest urban olives to be turned into the most unique olive oil.

The why’s & wherefore’s of wood / New Food Host in Hoppers Crossing

CERES Fair Wood

The why’s and wherefore’s of wood.   Much attention has been devoted to the global trade of illegal drugs, blood diamonds, ivory smuggling and the black market in endangered animals. Human trafficking has rightly had its fair share of coverage and of course there’s always plenty of interest in the fate of stolen objects of priceless art. There […]

Porridge & the Promised Land / Pick our projects…please

Commons and Nightingale

Porridge & The Promised Land We’re all children of migrants; over millennia our ancestors have escaped ice ages, droughts, famines, religious persecution, great depressions and world war. There’s always a crisis in the mix and little by little our own crisis is revealing itself.  This time, despite what American tech billionaire preppers might say about the South Island of New Zealand, […]