The why’s & wherefore’s of wood / New Food Host in Hoppers Crossing

CERES Fair Wood

The why’s and wherefore’s of wood.   Much attention has been devoted to the global trade of illegal drugs, blood diamonds, ivory smuggling and the black market in endangered animals. Human trafficking has rightly had its fair share of coverage and of course there’s always plenty of interest in the fate of stolen objects of priceless art. There […]

Porridge & the Promised Land / Pick our projects…please

Commons and Nightingale

Porridge & The Promised Land We’re all children of migrants; over millennia our ancestors have escaped ice ages, droughts, famines, religious persecution, great depressions and world war. There’s always a crisis in the mix and little by little our own crisis is revealing itself.  This time, despite what American tech billionaire preppers might say about the South Island of New Zealand, […]

The beguiling smile of Robert Pekin

Robert Pekin and Emma-Kate Rose

Robert Pekin’s madly infectious smile has the kind of power to convince you to become deeply involved in a new social movement you’ve never heard of, adopt a so-far-out-of-left field idea that gets you simultaneously excited & terrified or has you sign onto a scheme so optimistically crazy that just might work….and possibly get you arrested. […]

The Retelling / Honouring Nirma

Plastic Free sustainable living

The Retelling Over the last seven years Plastic Free July’s were largely the unfashionable provenance of a few well-meaning but deeply suspect folk likely to ride bamboo framed bicycles or be the evangelistic owners of a home biodigester.  This Plastic Free July, however, has been unlike any other; since ABC’s War on Waste, the supermarket plastic bag bans and the […]

Feels like it could be a bit of a big year

This week on our Facebook feed you might have seen Lily D’Ambrosio, state minister for energy, environment and climate change, drop by the Fair Food warehouse to announce a Sustainability Victoria hybrid grant/loan for three projects; –    building a vertical microgreens teaching farm –    recycling a cool room destined for landfill from our previous warehouse […]

Meanwhile down on Hazeldean Forest Farm / Fair Wood at Darebin Pitch IT Finals

Meanwhile down on Hazeldean Forest Farm  Jason Alexandra is just back from a ute-ride around the farm checking on quince, persimmons and the last few fuji and jonagold left to ripen on the trees. Jason (that’s him enveloped by fruit above) reckons there’s just one more day of picking before they say goodbye to the crew of two backpackers and four locals who […]