The why’s & wherefore’s of wood / New Food Host in Hoppers Crossing

CERES Fair Wood

The why’s and wherefore’s of wood.   Much attention has been devoted to the global trade of illegal drugs, blood diamonds, ivory smuggling and the black market in endangered animals. Human trafficking has rightly had its fair share of coverage and of course there’s always plenty of interest in the fate of stolen objects of priceless art. There […]

The produce and the people / Urban farming kids


The produce and the people Today I was taking pleasure in a wheelbarrow full of a dark, moist chocolatey compost; a  miracle of microbiological transmogrification. I’m no musician or gifted cook, but I can make a pretty good compost (it’s possibly genetic; my dad is well known for his heaps). Anyway, I was admiring the compost because Alan, our neighbour’s, […]

How Now Dairy – Cow-centred farming/ Love Stories and Dedications

How Now Dairy

How Now Dairy – Cow-centred farming Cathy Palmer and Les Sandles are doing something at their Wunghnu dairy farm, their industry said couldn’t be done. They’re milking cows while keeping the calves with their mothers. It sounds pretty simple but it goes directly against dairy farming orthodoxy and is shaking people’s ideas up about what’s possible when comes to […]

Rowe Morrow – see her before she gets big / Fair Wood – what Pete’s been up to

Rosemary Morrow

  Rosemary Morrow I’m not sure why Rosemary Morrow isn’t better known, her life story would make an incredibly watchable Netflix drama. For the past 40 years Rowe Morrow (that’s her above in red) has been teaching Permaculture to tens of thousands of people in shattered communities across the world’s warzones and disaster areas. Perhaps the lack of recognition […]

In the shed putting eggs in boxes / Robyn Clayfield – coming to CERES

Abundance Eggs - Kali sorting

In the shed putting eggs in boxes   Being a farmer can be a very Instagramable profession, but this pic is actually what a lot of farming looks like –  you in a shed, at a desk, packing eggs into boxes. There’s also the pic of you in the van bringing eggs to drop around town, the […]

A team definitely worth following / Happy soil = happy life

Lorna Pettifer CERES Education

A team definitely worth following   About a year ago I wrote about, CERES Education Group Manager, Lorna Pettifer, being selected for The Premiers Sustainability Award for Education. Over the weekend Lorna’s work was recognised again becoming Environment Education Victoria’s Environmental & Sustainability Educator of the Year – (that’s Lorna on the left with Karen Jones from Port Phillip Ecocentre). Now […]