Slower and deeper

New Holland Honeyeater

Last week I wrote an impassioned call to action for the CERES Appeal; that in the face of our climate emergency we needed to quickly prepare ourselves, skill ourselves up and give, really give, to get something done. But that all came to a stop on Wednesday when one of our Fair Food workmates lost […]

Nine years later… / Send them home

FairFood 9th birthday

  Nine years later   This week CERES Fair Food is nine. Fair Food was kind of an accident, it started life as a weekly veggie co-op for CERES staff. Each week a couple of co-op members would pack fruit and veg into boxes on a picnic table outside the old quarry hut. There were […]

Plastic free mind / Seeking a self-seeder

Merri Creek plastic

Plastic free mind I wandered down to the Merri Creek this morning – no matter how long it’s been the creek always welcomes me back from whatever digital diversion that has kept me away. “Where’ve you been,” the muddy water, the yellow wattle flowers and wattlebirds ask. The winter flood had left its usual trove […]

If the Murray were a he or she / Matthew

If the Murray were a he or she   On Thursday the media was full of the IPCC’s Special Report on Climate Change and Land (SRCCL).  The report warned that… if the world is to combat dangerous climate change then we must urgently revolutionise what we eat, how we grow it and the way we use land. Once […]

What took us so long? / Best hospo gig ever?

Resparkle range

What took us so long? Early this morning I was over in the park walking Jessie, our kelpie.  The remnants of a kid’s party lay scattered on the ground around a picnic table. I picked up the foil lolly wrappers, the empty plastic creaming soda bottle and a half dozen plastic cups. Passing by, my neighbour, Alan […]

Recycled Electric Kinetic Playspace Update

Recycled Electric Kinetic Playspace Update This time last year the Ceres Recycled Electric Kinetic Playspace got a guernsey in the Pick My Project competition. Inspired by a chaotically beautiful community-built playground at the St Louis Museum, the Ceres Playspace was workshopped into existence with groups of local kids – often employing giant native insects loaned from Melbourne Museum as conversation starters. […]