Tortilla de Patatas

Tortilla de Patatas is the ultimate GF party food. Full of spring eggs, tender potatoes and sweet onions – a recipe for the spring celebrations!

Dreamy Zucchini Pasta

In this recipe we braise zucchini and anchovies into a dreamy sauce that coats each pasta shape deliciously.

Nutty Crescent Cookies

Versions of these nutty crescent cookies are made in Austria – vanillekipferl, Italy – frollini, Greece- kourabiedes and Poland – rogaliki (if they’re familiar to you with a different name, do let us know in the comments)!

Big Green Salad

Oo, we love a big green salad, it’s such an easy, fresh, friendly side – “what else should we have?” you’ll ask, “A green salad!” they’ll reply!

Homity Pie

This Pie is full of floury potatoes, sweet leeks, spring onions and cheese. All of that cradled in a wholemeal shortcrust pastry – simply yum.

Basic Bountiful Veggie Stock

Making the most of your vegetables by using up any that have passed their prime in a veggie stock is a superbly productive feeling.