Tuna Toasties

Tuna toasties are humble, a bit daggy but totally delicious. This recipe will make enough for three toasties, but if you have any leftovers it’s great on baked spuds or in salads and rice bowls.

Simple Sautéed Pine Mushrooms

Pine mushrooms have a fleeting season (that’s why we all get so excited about them!), but rest assured this recipe can we be used with any kind of mushroom. A handful of herbs and dollop of butter/olive oil is everything you need.

Banana and Blueberry Pancakes

Whip up a round of these gluten free, vegan, totally delicious banana and blueberry pancakes with all your favourite toppings!

Homemade granola

Make up a batch of your own favourite granola and you may never go back.

Tahini Granola

Give ’em granola! We love this recipe because the inclusion of tahini provides a rich, nutty flavour and the ultimate crunch without needing extra oil or butter. Enjoy it with your favourite yoghurt and seasonal fruit, or munch on it by the handful!

Kimchi Toastie

This kimchi toastie was inspired by a lunch Lester (one-half of CERES’ IT department) had on Tuesday. He whipped up his toastie using CERES sourdough, kimchi, mozzarella and mayo – we added some sesame seeds for good measure.