Spiced Rhubarb Cake

Spiced Rhubarb cake

The warming spices combined with the jammy, tart rhubarb make it the perfect winter tea cake.

Upside-Down Apricot Tart

This tart is a riff on the classic French Tarte Tatin. Here, we swap out apples for summer’s friendliest stone fruit, the apricot!

Plum and Pistachio Galette

Semi-translucent, deeply red and sweet; plums are the jewels of February and here we create a sort of crown for them to sparkle in.


There are many ways to make focaccia, some are more labour intensive than others – this one is remarkably simple.

Meringue Roulade

This pistachio, raspberry and rose roulade is a delicate, delicious dessert made for celebrations – the perfect end to a hefty Christmas meal.

Carrot Parsnip and Pecan Cake

We combined various recipes to make what we think is the best treat to bake in lockdown, Carrot Parsnip and Pecan Cake. It’s moist but not too dense, sweet but not too sickly and it’ll distract you for an afternoon without being too tricky to pull off.