Yoyos with Rhubarb Buttercream

Did you know that yoyos are an Australian invention? A big crumbly mouthful of shortbread-like biscuit held together with a buttercream filling – what a noble afternoon tea treat.

ANZAC biscuits

Anzacs are a classic treat and super easy to whip up – a great little bickie to have in the repertoire. And these are CWA-sanctioned no less, so they’re the real deal.

Honey Tahini Biscuits

These simple, gluten-free biscuits are chewy, crispy, nutty and sweetened with Victorian honey. They’re the kind of morsels you find you eat three of and could easily have three more. 

Classic Scones

A warm scone, evenly parted with your hands, liberally smeared with butter and jam and then dolloped with cream – it never gets old.

Ricciarelli (Italian almond biscuits) 

These Christmassy ricciarelli biscuits are gluten free, whip up in a flash and keep in an airtight container for weeks. They’re chewy, nutty, lemony, and we love them.

Spiced Rhubarb Cake

Spiced Rhubarb cake

The warming spices combined with the jammy, tart rhubarb make it the perfect winter tea cake.