Strawberry Lemonade Spritz

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Serves 4


2 medium lemons
250g fresh strawberries, plus and a few extra berries for garnish
Sprinkling of sugar, we probably added 1/8 cup – if your fruit is sweet enough, you can skip it all together!
Fizzy water


Summer days call for fresh fruit spritzes. We love this simple strawberry lemonade combo, but you could easily change it up; oranges, mint, mangos all delicious options! Fair Fizz is our in house soda gas cylinder service. It’s refizzed in Preston, refills are only $10 and we deliver it to your door – you’d be daft to fizz with anything else!

Strawberry Lemonade Spritz

Cut the skin, including outer white pith, off your lemons and cut the lemons into chunks, removing the seeds. Stem your strawberries.

Toss the lemon chunks, strawberries, sugar (if using), and a splash of fizzy water into your blender and blend until smooth. Top it off with more fizzy water to taste.

Fill glasses with ice and pour lemonade over and garnish with extra berry and/or lemon slices.










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