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Each week in the customer service office Kelly and Steph (that’s them above) receive email and phone messages about everything from identifying a bunch of leaf amaranth to requests for help with school projects.

But with around twenty thousand items being packed and delivered across Melbourne each week the most important part of their work is putting right everyday things that can go wrong.

They locate coolers that have been left in vans, organise dishwashing liquid to replace dishwasher powder and help drivers find customers whose addresses doesn’t seem to exist in Google Maps.

When something big happens like October’s green banana disaster, Kelly and Steph are the ones who organise the 1000 odd emails and the 100 plus customer refunds that need to put through.  

No matter how busy things get when a customer’s order isn’t right they really want to hear. It’s our not just their opportunity to turn a problem into a positive, it’s a chance to get to know the people we serve. 

Each week when we review customer feedback there are inevitably emails praising Kelly and Steph for the awesome customer service they provide.

These emails are greatly appreciated but when I read them I wish we could shout them out to the world so everyone knew.

There is a way you can tell the world about Kelly and Steph, or anything you love about Fair Food, instead of emailing send your message via our Google reviews.

It’ll not only give Kelly and Steph the credit they deserve, but it will let everyone know about the amazing work they’re doing.

Mohsen, Hema and Asmita from CERES Fair Food

Some people come to work at Fair Food and make a career over many years like Mo, but others like Mohsen (that’s him in the pic) come to our warehouse to find their feet before they restart their lives again.

Mohsen, an Iranian asylum seeker, who spent an inexplicable nine years in detention, walked into Fair Food a quiet and reserved man.

Last week, two and half years later he leaves the Fair Food warehouse as one of the most popular and engaged members of our staff.

With a truck license under his belt, Mohsen goes out into the world ready to begin a new chapter of his life in Australia.

And while we’ll miss his cheeky sense of humour and generous heart, we’re also happy for him and looking forward to what comes next.

All the very best Mohsen.

Have a great week



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