Two weeks ago our family went into isolation after a student at our son’s school tested positive.

We emerged from our lockdown just as the hotspot suburbs went back in and people in Flemington and North Melbourne were being locked into their flats. 

It’s like we’re stuck in this enormous revolving door we can’t seem to find a way out of.

At Fair Food there’s a feeling of “déjà vu –  as the tension rises so do our sales of Who Gives a Crap toilet paper, as well as all the hand-sanitisers and liquid-soaps.

Which means it’s probably a good time to go over our COVID-19 routine at Fair Food.

Here’s what we’re doing to stay safe;

– Anyone who comes to the Fair Food warehouse sanitises their hands and has their temperature taken.

– We’ve always worn latex gloves on the packing line and since COVID came we’ve been wearing Sisterworks’ reusable face masks as well.

– To give our friends at Sisterworks a shameless plug – their masks are really comfortable and washable (we all have three each) and you can also get them here in our webstore

– The Fair Food office is mostly empty these days – no one comes in who doesn’t have to.

– Shell, Kell and Katie (our customer service team) are all working from home as are Isabelle and Liz (marketing and social media ) and Robyn, who co-ordinates the delivery runs. Even Jesse and Nola, our production managers, work remotely when they can.

– When COVID hit we employed a dedicated cleaning team to make sure all the surfaces were looked after daily – they also sanitise our delivery vans after each run.

– You would have noticed our drivers are doing contactless delivery (knock and drop) and after each delivery they’re are sanitising hands.

– Our medical advisor, Julian, says that if you are worried about fruit & veg just wash them prior to preparation or eating.

And as important as any of this we need to take care of our hearts – if you see us dropping a delivery – a friendly wave goes a long way.

If you have any questions or observations about anything we’re doing please get in touch – we need everyone’s help to get through this.

Have a safe week 



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