Our Service Guarantee

Do you have a delivery query?

From time to time deliveries get mixed up or things aren’t quite right. And we understand the inconvenience that can cause. So, if anything unexpected happens simply email or call us on (03) 8673 6288.

We’ll promptly resolve any issues we can and make sure you have everything you need.  Thank you!

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Office opening hours

Monday to Fridays: 8am – 4pm
Email info@ceresfairfood.org.au
Phone +61 (03) 8673 6288
Our customer service team are also available here via livechat during office hours.

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Our postal and delivery address

20 Water Rd Preston
Vic 3072

Fax +61 (03) 8673 6299
ABN 60133437610

CERES Community Environment Park

For general CERES enquiries including the CERES Organic Grocery and Bakery, Education, Nursery or Workshops:
Email info@ceres.org.au
Phone (03) 9389 0100