The passata is the political. When the amaranth calls your name.

When the world seems out of control and people all around seem to be sipping from the bubbler of blame and fear, there is something positive and practical we can do. Something simple that brings us together, that makes us nutritionally and emotionally happier, that makes our communities stronger and supports local tomato farmers.  It’s Crowdsaucing […]

Diary runneth over / No box left behind > 2018 Target

There’s so much going on over the next month I had to make a program…… Passata Making Workshop –  Sunday 26th February I’m not sure how many tomato saucing devices Monique Miller has at home, but she’d easily be in the highest percentile of sauce equipment ownership in Australia. Monique, in preparation for this year’s 21 Days of Crowdsaucing, […]

Sap Rising: The Complete Urban Farmer. 21 Days of Crowdsaucing

Everything feels political these post-truth days – if you search the phrase “gardening as a political act” you will discover no end of articles talking up vegetable growing as an avenue of resistance.  You may even come across “Gardening is Gangsta” a Texan rotary-hoeing rap crew’s call to community gardeners world-wide to opt-out of the financial-military-industrial complex and plant […]

Hopeful photos from the heart-land. Crowdsaucing latest

Last week  Dori from Tamil Feasts gave us a couple of feast double passes to give away for the two most inspiring and hopeful food photos.  The picture above with the rhubarb about to be fermented is from the first of our winners, Elizabeth Long. Here’s Elizabeth’s story….. “On a visit to my mother’s house today I […]

Filling your gumboots with goodness. Crowdsaucing more of the very latest

What is “goodness”?  Is it like “attractiveness” or “tastiness” or “weirdness” – hard to define but you know it when you see it, eat it, feel it? There’s a day each year at CERES, more than any other, when you walk around and the overwhelming feeling is “goodness”. This day is CERES Harvest Festival and maybe it feels “good” because Harvest tries to reflect the […]

Abundance Farm Eggs / A Haiku for Crowdsaucing

When Alex from Abundance Farm stopped into the Fair Food warehouse for a chat recently I was reminded of all the times I’ve heard someone say how they’d love to get out of the city, buy some land, plant some trees, keep a few chooks and grow their own food.  Alex and his partner, Kali, recently took that leap.  After lots of […]