Kohlrabi Schnitzels with Salsa Verde

Kohlrabis are friendly kitchen aliens we love experimenting with. In this recipe we crumb and fry them like schnitzels and serve them alongside a salsa verde (made from leaves from the kohlrabi!), and a crunchy, fresh salad.

Tortilla de Patatas

Tortilla de Patatas is the ultimate GF party food. Full of eggs, tender potatoes and sweet onions – a recipe for the spring celebrations!

Dreamy Zucchini Pasta

In this recipe we braise zucchini and anchovies into a dreamy sauce that coats each pasta shape deliciously.

Nutty Crescent Cookies

Versions of these nutty crescent cookies are made in Austria – vanillekipferl, Italy – frollini, Greece- kourabiedes and Poland – rogaliki (if they’re familiar to you with a different name, do let us know in the comments)!

Big Green Salad

Oo, we love a big green salad, it’s such an easy, fresh, friendly side – “what else should we have?” you’ll ask, “A green salad!” they’ll reply!