Kale Pesto

Whip up a jar of this easy kale pesto for tasty sandwich spreads, smearing over roast veg, salad dressings or tossing through pasta! 

Strawberry Lemonade Spritz

Summer days call for fresh fruit spritzes. We love this simple strawberry lemonade as a alcohol-free refreshment!

Shallot Pasta

This pasta is all about the shallots, cooked down in a bath of olive oil, tomato paste and anchovies to a jammy, caramelised paste.

Strawbasil Jam

We plan on gifting a couple of jars to loved ones this Christmas, edible pressies are always a hit! 

Sardine Spaghetti 

We’ve got new, sustainably caught South Australian sardines from Little Tin Co, so to celebrate we’re adding another sardine spaghetti to our collection (never too many)

Dreamy Zucchini Pasta

In this recipe we braise zucchini and anchovies into a dreamy sauce that coats each pasta shape deliciously.