Tuna Toasties

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Serves 3


This tuna mixture is totally adaptable, adjust and experiment to your taste buds desire!

Red onion, finely chopped,  we used about 1/4 cup
Juice of one medium lemon
160g can of tuna – oil or water packed
1/4 cup of mayo
1 tbsp dijon mustard
Splash of hot sauce, optional
1 stick and leaves of celery, finely chopped
1/4 cup of pickles – cucumbers, capers, peppers, jalapeños, olives or preserved lemon are all great, although, if going with the preserved lemon just add a small amount at a time and taste as you go, it can be overpowering!
Generous handful of fresh herbs, we went with dill but parsley or coriander could work too.
Salt and pepper
Cheddar or tasty cheese thinly sliced or grated, a good generous handful per toastie
Sturdy sliced bread, we went with this light rye 
2 tbsp of butter or olive oil


Tuna toasties are humble, a bit daggy but totally delicious. This recipe will make enough for three toasties, but if you have any leftovers it’s great on baked spuds or in salads and rice bowls.


Tuna Toasties

Put red onion in a small bowl and pour the lemon juice over the top. Season with salt, mix and set aside. 

In a large bowl combine the tuna, mayo, dijon and hot sauce until it forms a paste-like consisteny. Add the celery, pickles, herbs and onion prepared earlier. Mix well, season and adjust if necessary. 

Spread tuna mixture evenly over one slice of bread, top with cheese and then with another slice of bread.

Melt 1tbsp butter in a frying pan. Add sandwich and gently push it around the pan to soak up the butter. Cook on a low heat until the the bread is deeply golden brown and the cheese has melted – if your’e into a really melty, oozy toastie, rest something heavy on top of it like another pan. Once first side is cooked, add the second tbsp of butter to the pan and flip the sandwich. Cook until deeply golden.


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