Ricciarelli (Italian almond biscuits) 

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300g almond meal

250g caster sugar

2 egg whites

Finely grated zest of one lemon

Icing sugar, for coating


These Christmassy ricciarelli biscuits are gluten free, whip up in a flash and keep in an airtight container for weeks. They’re chewy, nutty, lemony, and we love them. Make a double batch, some for gifting and some for after-dinner coffee or liqueur. A big thank you to one of our lovely followers who sent in this suggestion as a ‘make to give’ idea! 

Ricciarelli (Italian almond biscuits) 

Makes about 18

If you’d like to watch a quick how-to for this recipe, head here.

Preheat the oven to 180°C. Line a baking tray with baking paper.

Mix the almond meal and sugar in a large bowl. Add the egg whites and lemon zest and mix through to create a paste (using your hands is best here). Pinch off pieces of paste and shape into 3 cm x 4 cm rectangles (give or take!). Dust in the icing sugar to coat well, then place onto the lined tray, leaving room for spreading.

Bake for 10-12 minutes or until the cookies look slightly marked and the bottom is firm.

Cool on a rack. These biscuits keep for weeks in an airtight container, so you can double the ingredients if you like and make a bigger batch.


Hints and Tips

This recipe is by  Silvia Colloca and is sourced from SBS Food.


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    1. Sure thing!

      10 oz almond meal

      8 oz caster sugar

      2 egg whites

      Finely grated zest of one lemon

      Icing sugar, for coating

  1. This recipe is indestructible and survives my experimentation! I’d just made the Tiramisu and had 3 leftover egg whites, so I made these. I was 150g short of almond meal and made up the difference with desiccated coconut. And I also had some amaretto lurking in the cupboard. So one way or another, I balanced the wet and the dry until it was paste-like. I made them in two formats – little balls (which kept their shape and are deliciously moist in the middle) and flatter biscuits. Sesame seeds pressed into the top before cooking. Next time I might try another citrus, rose water or orange blossom water.

    1. Love to hear your ingenuity paid off! We love all your additions and modifications and hope they spark inspiration in other bakers 🙂