Aki’s Wombok, Carrot and Apple Salad

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Serves 4


1/2 wombok, shredded
1/2  carrot, shredded
1/2  smallish apple, julienne (do this just before serving to avoid the discolouring)
1  lime
sesame seeds (white and black) for garnish
coriander for garnish

1 tbs Tamari soy
1/2 tbs Sesame oil


More team recipes are coming in from the Fair Food crew who busily pack your boxes each week and keep this whole shebang going with gusto. We’ve all been enjoying the winter wombok lately – Aki’s quick sesame-dressed salad made an appearance in the lunch break recently and is now shared online for all. Her delicious looking photo is above, as well. Thanks Aki.
In Japan, wombok is such a significant winter veggie and a big hunk of wombok reminds me of my Japanese family dinner table. We normally braise them in hot pot or stew them and never eaten as raw. But in Australia, I found that lots of veggies are eaten raw and it seems I adopted ‘aussie style’
in lots of ways, especially when I eat seasonal vegetables. This salad is one of them.
1. Prep wombok, carrot, mixing dressing, julienne apple
2. Tossed them all in one big bowl and squeeze/pour over lime juice
3. Dress when it’s serve to keep the colour.


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