Indian cooking workshop at CERES Kitchen
Beguiled by biriyani?

It’s no secret why Aditi Daware’s family and friends are drawn to her Melbourne home – she makes ridiculously irresistible Indian food and people just appear at her door.

Aditi, who learnt how to cook from her grandmother growing up in Pune, in central India, is returning to CERES to share her family’s food secrets in April and October.

Indian food, and there are many “Indian food’s”, is one of the world’s great cuisines.

If you’ve ever had your taste buds beguiled by a biriyani or mesmerised by a masala dosa and wondered why Indian food tastes so good, you’re not alone – search Google and you’ll find a multiplicity of thoughts, theories and spice-driven speculations.

A scientific study by researchers at the Indian Institute of Technology in Jodhpur concluded that Indian cuisine has a counter-intuitive approach to food pairing where, unlike in European cooking, ingredients with strongly opposing flavour profiles like red chilli and cumin are deliberately paired to create complex tastes that our palates love but can’t quite work out why.

Aditi Daware, CERES workshop facilitator

If you love the spices and smells of Indian cooking and want to know more, Aditi Daware (that’s Aditi above) delights in demystifying ingredient combinations and teaches the skills to make your own authentic Indian food at home.

And the wonderful bonus is that at the end of Aditi’s workshop everyone sits down together for a delicious Indian feast.

Aditi’s Indian Cooking Workshop is on April 7th and October 20th.

Fair Food customers get $10 off Aditi’s workshop with a INDIAN$10OFF code

Find out more here.

CERES Harvest Festival,  2024 Best recipe comp
Home Harvest Recipe Comp

Got a recipe your friends and family request on repeat?

As part of this year’s CERES Harvest Festival we’re running a recipe comp with a prize of deep kudos and a $50 CERES Fair Food voucher to the winner!

To enter follow the instructions below;

1. Write out your recipe & snap a pic of your dish next time you make it

2. Email it to with the subject “HARVEST RECIPE” before March 18th 2025.

And you’re in!

Our winner will be announced on March 23rd online and in person at the CERES Harvest Festival with the winning recipe will be featured on the @ceresfairfood famous recipe page.

Stay cool and have a great week



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