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Fair Wood finds a home

On Friday I rode from our CEO, Cinnamon’s place, to Andrew, our Chairperson’s place, to get the lease for the new Fair Wood warehouse in Preston signed. 

In case you haven’t heard Fair Wood is CERES’ ethical timber social enterprise. 

Fair Wood sources farm-grown Victorian timber that’s dried, milled and profiled by small scale saw-millers and processors.

Fair Wood specialises in cladding, decking, flooring, furniture making timber, landscaping timbers and carbon positive sugar gum firewood (I kid you not check it out here).

In an industry plagued by illegally logged wood this is as sure as you can be about where your timber has come from.

Since it was launched a couple of years ago Fair Wood has been operating out of a spare corner at the back of the Fair Food warehouse. 

But after COVID came Mo, Fair Food’s Production Supervisor, has been sizing up Fair Wood’s corner with an eye to storing the ever increasing number of pallets of groceries and boxes he’s been receiving.

Hayden and Pete, Fair Wood’s managers, keen to find a proper home, have been scouring industrial areas in the Northern suburbs for months now.  

It’s taken a long time but the new Preston warehouse means Fair Wood will finally be able to show off all the beautiful timber it has literally been hiding under quite a lot of bushels at Fair Food.

More space equals more stock  – so when you rock up to Fair Wood’s new digs with your ute, trailer or truck we’ll be able to load you up then and there without waiting weeks for your timber to come from the mill.

And if you need help – we”ll be able to cut and dock it to length – needless to say Hayden and Pete are very excited.

As you can see in the picture above the warehouse is quite large, this means there’ll also be maker and office spaces available! 

Get in touch with Hayden or Pete if you’re keen about timber or spaces. 

And we’ll keep you posted about the new warehouse grand opening.

Live from the Packing Floor Number Five

This  Wednesday morning’s LIVE from The Packing Floor features singer, guitarist and spinner of stories, Marty Kelly accompanied by Fair Food’s own fiddle playing production manager, Jesse Hull.

The pair will perform up above the packing floor on our specially socially-distanced, fully masked mezzanine ( so please nobody call the police like the last gig). 

Marty, who has toured and gigged extensively – 22 countries at last count, hails from Ballinascreen, Co Derry in the North of Ireland.   

Here’s a beautiful clip of Marty playing after he picked up his guitar at the repairer’s.  We’re in for a treat!

If you’re new to Fair Food and wondering why we’re having a musical gig in our warehouse –  well since the first lockdown we’ve been paying musicians like Marty, who have lost all their gigs during COVID-19, to play to our packing floor, our farmers and customers.

LIVE from the Packing Floor is our way of standing by our brother and sister musicians and also sharing the live music we’re all missing so much.

You can see all four of the Live From the Packing Floor gigs so far on the CERES Fair Food YouTube Channel. 

Marty and Jesse start playing this Wednesday after morning tea at about 9.30am

Have a safe week



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