As above so below, only more so

As above so below…only more so About a dozen years ago on a two week intensive soils course in Lismore NSW, Dr Elaine Ingham revealed to a roomful of farmers that in the top few inches of a hectare of healthy soil there existed an interdependent web of nutrient-cycling bacteria, fungi, nematodes, flagellates, protozoa, mites […]


It’s the peak of the growing season when a year or sometimes more of a farmer’s work comes to fruition.

The question that guides

Can food be fairer? It’s the question that guides our work and over the years it’s evolved in sometimes surprising ways.

New Traditions

Olives to Oil returns to CERES this May 21st when people all around Melbourne will harvest urban olives to be turned into the most unique olive oil.

Svend and the Garden of Tastes

Svend Davorksen at Aarstiderne - CERES Fair Food

Svend and the Garden of Tastes   Last July I visited Svend Davorksen at the warehouse of Aarstiderne – Denmark’s largest online organic grocery.  I thought I was going to learn about cutting edge logistics and sophisticated marketing from one of Europe’s most successful organic food business. A year later I’m still trying to integrate what I […]