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Parsnip and Cauliflower Soup

We’re unsure how we’ve made it this far into winter without a new soup recipe… Luckily last week, fellow Fair

Left Over Porridge Loaf


This loaf makes use of the annoying amount of porridge that’s so often left in the bottom of

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What our customers say

Google review, June 2024
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If you're like me and are after an alternative to the supermarket chains, look no further! I've ordered a few times from these guys and had an excellent experience every time. Everything I've received has been great quality with easy delivery and the selection is wide enough to cover most of my basic shopping needs. Highly recommend! 👌✨❤️
Google review, June 2024
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What an amazing service! I ordered for a delivery in Melbourne to a family member, even though I'm located in Sydney. Not only was the purchasing experience efficient and painless, the high level of service included accurate notifications and updates about delivery times. This reliability factor is amazing compared to many other "businesses", who often forget about you after you've paid them money. Fantastic!!!
Google review, May 2024
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Been getting fruit and veggies from CERES since 2012 and am incredibly grateful for this service. All the staff have been fabulous. Love your commitment to the environment and also to supporting refugees. What you do feels like the world the right way up. Thankyou.
Google review, May 2024
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I've been a customer of Ceres Fair Food for over ten years, and my experiences have been consistently outstanding. The produce is always of amazing quality, fresh, and flavorful. The team behind the service is genuinely caring and helpful, making each interaction a pleasure. Their commitment to sustainability and ethical practices makes me proud to support them. I'm a customer for life and highly recommend Ceres to anyone looking for top-notch organic produce.
Saigon Sezzy
Google review, May 2024
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Got my first order today and stoked with the quality of produce, timeliness of delivery, friendliness of the delivery driver and price! I’ll be continuing to support this amazing social enterprise now I’ve discovered it!
Google review, April 2024
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Just got my first vegie delivery today and I am well impressed with the quality of produce. I love that I can feel confident that my vegies are free from chemical pesticides and that I am supporting such a special enterprise. Why haven't I done this before!?
Google review, Feb 2024
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Fresh, tasty and good quality organic produce. We order our fruit and vegetables from Fair Food every 10 days. We know that we are eating quality food with no artificial pesticides or herbicides!
Google review, Feb 2024
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I have been getting CERES Fair Food delivery for over 2 years plus now - super happy - friendly efficient service - lovely drivers - great communication from CERES team - love the variety of top quality delicious - fresh organic veggies fruits in budget friendly seasonal boxes - along with the variety of whole foods organic products - noticed massive improvement in my health - and it’s super great to support local organic farmers ! Great investment highly recommend
Google review, Jan 2024
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Best quality local seasonal produce, supporting a social enterprise, delivered when you need. Everything about this organisation makes you feel good. Plus amazing recipes to help you eat all your fruit and vegetables.
Google review, Jan 2024
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Best customer service in town. Amazing ethos, beautiful location and excellent products. Do yourself a favour and visit online or in person.
Google review, Jan 2024
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I love Fair Food! The organic produce is top quality and so fresh. The Schulz milk in glass bottles is also super fresh and lasts such a long time. The CERES team are very helpful and friendly and delivery is very efficient, not least because the boxes are collected and reused. Highly recommended!
Everyday Love
Google review, Dec 2023
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The customer service and responsiveness are unbelievably personal and effective. The packaging is excellent and recyclable. The produce we receive is fantastic and they immediately made good the one time the banana's were too green. They care, right through to the delivery person and box recycling. We've been with them for a year now and looking forward to more of the same!
Christie B
Google Review, Sept 2023
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We've been ordering our fresh produce from CERES Fair Food for years now. Incredible value, products and service. Every time we receive our produce box, I feel so happy and grateful. Thank you CERES!!
Google Review, Aug 2023
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Saving the planet one carrot at a time.
T Rose
Google Review, July 2023
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Wow! The box was generously packed, the quality of the produce was amazing. I loved seeing little bug bites on the vegetables ... and the fruit was non waxy - truly organic and fresh. We also ordered eggs and bread and these were great. The customer service was excellent and they even added flowers to the order - made my day 🙂
Google Review, April 2023
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A brilliant company. Perfect deliveries every time. Always innovating, always improving the functionality of the web shop and adding new and interesting products that I would otherwise not have access to out here in the suburbs. Friendly customer service and real care for the environment and their workers. The antidote to the supermarket.
Google Review, April 2023
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I love this organization …the orders I have placed are of high quality plus staff so amazing and professional … best service and goods I have ever purchased online …. Great work guys 😀
Google Review, April 2023
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Wonderful store full of amazing fresh produce and goodies all made with love and care. Great customer service - highly recommended. 🙂
Google Review, Feb 2023
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I started getting organic groceries delivered a month ago by Fair Food & have had a magical experience every time. Love the quality & price 😍 ❤️
Google Review, April 2023
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Just received my first delivery of Mo's box and a few extra bits & pieces! So impressed with the quality and range of produce included, as well as their minimal/return & reuse packaging. Love love love what Ceres Fair Food stands for. Keep it up!
Google Review, Jan 2023
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Thanks CERES, I loved my fruit and veg box. Generous and diverse range of organic goods to keep my whole family happy. And delivered to my door using minimal plastic!
KymieCaulfield, Nov 2022
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I’m sure this was an automatic email but in case it goes to a human, we LOVE our CERES deliveries! We have been astounded with the quality and quantity of produce we receive each week. We are finishing up our leftover veggies this week and will re-order. Thank you so much! P.S. the delivery drivers are really kind, too!
LA May
Google Review, January 2023
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I normally pick my own fruit and veg with CERES Fair Food but decided to go with a box this time around. I ordered a medium box with some extra fruit and the box is filled with various delicious fruit and veg. I'll definitely keep ordering fortnightly and I'm especially curious and keen to try Mo's box!
EllenNorth Melbourne, Nov 2022
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Amazing! Such good quality and variety! The delivery saves heaps of time and I really value supporting farmers and CERES. I started ordering a veggie box because I broke my ankle and I've kept ordering it. Highly recommended.
Google Review, May 2022
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I've been ordering from CERES for 7 years, so thought it about time to review! I've never been disappointed with either service, or quality of produce. I feel very lucky to have CERES available. Exceptional all round.
Google review, May 2022
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We have 9 people in our home! We've been ordering the small box plus extra seasonal veg and fruit for a few months now, and love it. Organic, fresh, exceptional delivery service, next to no packaging. Everything is delicious, fresh and organic.
Google review, March 2022
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We ordered our first vege and fruit box yesterday and made a beautiful feast out of it last night for dinner. Everything tastes great! It’s fresh, clean and tasty. Great variety of produce. Will 100% order again 🙂
Google review, Sept 2022
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My favourite! Best produce, great ethical company and so convenient! Thanks guys!

Our growers and makers

Every Fair Food order supports organic growers and makers of all shapes and sizes. We pay fair prices, get behind the next generation, and stick with our farmers through the seasons.

Madelaine's Eggs

Woiwurrung Country – Clarkefield 

51km from Fair Food

Joe Sgro

Gulidjan Country – Colac

165km from Fair Food

Schreurs and Sons

Boonwurrung Country – Tarwin Lower

170km from Fair Food

Al Naturale

Wurundjeri Woi Wurrung Country – Melbourne

6km from Fair Food

Remi, organic market gardener

Remi's Patch

Taunguong Country – Willowmavin

70km from Fair Food

Emmaline Farm

Taungurung Country - Cathedral Ranges

90km from Fair Food

Grower: Noleen
Growing: Garlic, pumpkins, apples, feijoas, kiwi fruit, squash, blueberries, blackberries, red peppers, pears, lemons, chillies, tomatoes, Lebanese cucumbers
How: Organic, regenerative practises

Island Home

Woiwurrung Country - Carlton

12km from Fair Food

Makers: Charith and Michele
Making: Sri Lankan heat and serve meals
Using: Certified organic ingredients
Packaging: Compostable

Farm Raiser

Woiwurrung Country - Bellfield

3km from Fair Food

Growers: Kristy, Patrick, Charlotte, Caitlin and Eve
Growing: Greens, radishes, celery and herbs
How: Organic, regenerative, biointensive practices

Wahrina Farm

Ngurraiillam Country - Goulburn Valley

180km from Fair Food

Growers: Jenny, David, Shane, Anne and Bernie
Growing: Pistachios
How: Organic, regenerative practices

Monsieur Truffe

Woiwurrung Country - Brunswick

8km from Fair Food

Maker: Samanta
Making: All things chocolate: bars, spread, hot chocolate
Using: Certified organic ingredients
Packaging: Compostable and recyclable

Latest news

Parsley bunch at Joe's Garden

Getting down to Joe’s

Joe’s Market Garden is a beautiful anomaly; a two and a half acre remnant of early Melbourne when market gardens

Eat the change you want see

It was tongue-in-cheek, but there was ring of truth to it – here was an opportunity to make a difference

Icy lettuce at Joe's Market Garden


It’s cold, very cold and when it’s cold our thoughts at Fair Food go out to our farmers. It’s our

Who are we?

CERES Fair Food is Melbourne’s not for profit, online organic grocery store, offering next day fruit and vegetable delivery Melbourne wide.

Can food be fairer?

Every Fair Food order supports organic and regenerative growers of all shapes and sizes. We pay fair prices that value the true cost of our food, get behind the next generation, and stick with our farmers through the seasons. Hate seeing a sea of plastic when you order online? We use minimal and returnable packaging that’s collected for reuse, and feature a wide range of climate friendly and waste free products from organic milk in glass, bulk wholefoods, and locally made gifts to refillable laundry products and our own Fair Fizz carbonated soda gas cylinders. Even our loose leaf salad greens come in home compostable bags you can feed to your worms. As a social enterprise, we reinvest 100% of profits back to CERES Park and CERES School of Nature and Climate. Since opening we’ve helped over 1 million students learn how to care for the earth – now that’s a productive box of groceries!

Home delivered organic groceries with CERES Fair Food

Ordering online with CERES Fair Food is super easy, with next day delivery available for orders made before 7pm, and easy changes to your shopping when you are ordering in advance. Plus free delivery over $75! We deliver Melbourne wide, use our simple postcode checker to see if we deliver to you. If you’re looking for great value fruit and veg, your favourite local organic growers, or our huge range of pantry, home and body essentials, then CERES Fair Food is your store – we make your organic grocery shopping a joy! CERES Fair Food is organic, people powered, future focused and not for profit.

What are the benefits of organic food and farming practices?

Organic farming prioritises the health of the soil and the biodiversity of the wider ecosystem, growing food without the use of synthetic pesticides and countless chemicals. Organic practices reduce pesticide exposure and chemical residues persisting in the landscape and waterways, as well as in the food we enjoy. Buying organically grown food supports local farmers and healthy communities. And with organic farms often being smaller in scale and closer to us, not only does it mean we can get to know our farmers, it means less time since harvest, less energy spent to transport and refrigerate, and more flavour and nutrition to enjoy! Certified organic and Bio-Dynamic farms have gone through a rigorous accreditation process to guarantee their products and processes meet organic agriculture standards. Australia’s largest certifying bodies are ACO, NASAA Organic, and Bio-Dynamic Research Institute (Demeter).

Are organic fruit and veg worth the extra cost?

Without the reliance on chemical and synthetic pesticides and herbicides, organic farms are more labour intensive which increases the costs of organic production. They can also require complex management. Organic farms are often smaller and more diverse enterprises than their conventional counterparts, which are likely to operate with the efficiencies of scale, utilising monoculture growing and larger scale machinery and a level of productivity that’s only sustained by synthetic and fossil-fuel derived inputs. By choosing organic fruit and veg, we not only increase our access to local, quality produce grown and harvested without the pesticides, we choose to value the real cost of farming that supports the ongoing health of our soils, waterways and communities. A diet rich in fresh fruit and vegetables is what we all value, and we want to ensure our community has the best options available for their budget. That’s why we have also introduced fruit and veg sourced from selected farmers who incorporate IPM (Integrated Pest Management) practices to encourage beneficial microorganisms, reduce chemical inputs, improve soil health and build a healthier farm environment. These farms are not certified organic, but they employ strategies ensuring that IPM growers use fewer chemical sprays than traditional conventional farms. Many households also find their own balance between organic and non-organic produce, prioritising organic fruit and veg enjoyed with the skin on (think juicy berries, celery, stone fruit and apples) or where the benefits of flavour and quality are going to be most enjoyable and impactful. Our commitment to local growers, our low delivery fees (or free delivery for all orders over $75!) and our 6 day a week delivery schedule means that however you like to shop, accessing home delivered, quality organic fruit and veg is easy, convenient and delicious.

What are the advantages of eating locally grown food

Supporting local food growers and shorter supply chains means more than just super fresh veg! Not only does it mean we can get to know our farmers and value their efforts, it means better outcomes for everyone – less time since harvest, less energy spent to transport and refrigerate, and more flavour and nutrition to enjoy! Locally grown food keeps us connected to our local seasons – we get to know our food and growers better and can celebrate the delicious peaks, like enjoying the glut of ripe tomatoes, local cherries or the return of spring asparagus. We can also share the impact of the farming conditions, too – extreme weather and unpredictable seasons are not just for small growers to shoulder alone. As we build a stronger local food system together, we stick with each other through the seasons, and enjoy the benefits (and flavour!) of each delicious harvest.

Where does my CERES Fair Food fruit and veg come from?

Every Fair Food order supports organic and regenerative growers of all shapes and sizes. We pay fair prices that value the true cost of our food, get behind the next generation, and stick with our farmers through the seasons. This includes certified organic and biodynamic farmers, as well as new regenerative growers, IPM pioneers, urban mushroom entrepreneurs, even keepers of backyard lemon trees – all working together to create a diverse and thriving local food network. CERES manages several urban farming projects, such as Joe’s Market Garden in Coburg and Honey Lane at CERES Brunswick, and we’re lucky to regularly have their fresh produce for sale. We work directly with many local organic farmers who are also working hard to care for their soil and their community – this puts more dollars into their pockets, adds more flexibility to their seasons and generally makes life as an organic grower a lot more sustainable.

How to buy food with less packaging?

Hate seeing a sea of plastic when you order online? We do too. We use minimal and returnable packaging that’s collected for reuse, packing your fruit and veg in their perfectly natural state and using recycled and compostable packaging if they need a little extra help. Like our plastic free loose leaf salad greens, which come in home compostable bags you can feed to your worms! Or our Australian made insulated pouches, which keep your refrigerated groceries nice and chilled on their way to your front door. We love to reuse just as much as we love good food, so make sure you leave out your packaging for our drivers to collect on their next visit! Our virtual grocery shelves also feature a wide range of climate friendly and waste free products. Enjoy home delivered organic milk in glass (returnable!), bulk wholefoods (compostable!), local honey jars (reusable!) and Melbourne made gifts of all kinds. Refillable laundry products and our own Fair Fizz CO2 gas cylinders can be returned and reused, all reducing waste and boosting the impact of your grocery shop.

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