Simple Peach Galette

Peaches are here, so we’re getting straight to it with this simple peach galette. We love this tart because its imperfect production ensures no pastry is wasted.

Strawbasil Jam

We plan on gifting a couple of jars to loved ones this Christmas, edible pressies are always a hit! 

Kale Tapenade

This kale tapenade by Glow Diaries is quick to whip up and adds endless briny, savoury flavour to lunch time or nibbles!

Kohlrabi Schnitzels with Salsa Verde

Kohlrabis are friendly kitchen aliens we love experimenting with. In this recipe we crumb and fry them like schnitzels and serve them alongside a salsa verde (made from leaves from the kohlrabi!), and a crunchy, fresh salad.

Basic Bountiful Veggie Stock

Making the most of your vegetables by using up any that have passed their prime in a veggie stock is a superbly productive feeling.