The Seasonal Asteroid Shower of Community Joy

This week as we navigate the seasonal asteroid shower of community joy – the wind-ups, the concerts, the family dos, graduations and gatherings we have news to connect you to neighbours and/or large zucchinis, to keep you looking sharp & plastic free, to buoy your spirits and finally offer a peaceful sanctuary to retreat to when it all becomes a bit intense.

Firstly, in the same week as CERES launched the annual 2018 CERES Giant Vegetable Growing Competition we are also welcoming a new Food Host in Kensington.

Yes gourd devotees carefully slip your best cucurbit in the ground because the giant veg comp, part of the 2018 CERES Harvest Festival, is back.  It features categories for:

1.       The Longest Gourd

2.      The Biggest Pumpkin (circumference & weight)

3.      The Biggest Zucchini

The awesome 3600 member Good Karma Network in Kensington, in cooperation with the Kensington Neighbourhood House, have opened a Food Host.  Sian is the host and collection is at the neighbour house, 83 McCracken St, Kensington, Wednesdays between 5-8pm.

Meanwhile, over on the Darebin Creek in Preston as we were finishing putting up the 230 solar panels on the Fair Food warehouse roof that will generate all our power needs we simultaneously launched Ethique’s range of plastic bottle free shampoos and cleaners. Which we love because it enables stylish levels of personal hygiene without the need to buy a plastic bottle every time we run out.

And finally should you want to temporarily check out of the seasonal asteroid shower of community joy for a little tranquillity you are warmly invited this Saturday the 16th to the Merri Creekside sanctuary of Joe’s Market Garden Farm Gate featuring Em and Mon’s honest organic produce accompanied by the soul restoring sounds of Stav (seek her soothing tones here).

Call of the Reed Warbler

On Friday in an RMIT lecture theatre farmer, Charles Massy, spoke about his often painful 40 year journey learning to understand the land he inherited as a young man.   Charles’ latest book, Call of the Reed Warbler, already in its 8th printing, tells Charles’story of a naive land manager applying US industrial farming methods to his ancient soils with disastrous results.

After trying almost everything else Massy embraced regenerative farming, including sophisticated Indigenous methods that European farmers are only starting to appreciate.  Massy is currently learning cool grass burns from farmer, Rod Mason (that’s him above).  In stories throughout his  book Massy’s journey is repeated over and over across Australia with stories of farmer after farmer coming to the same conclusion – the land owns us – we don’t own it. 

You can find Call of the Reed Warbler at CERES Nursery and plenty of other places

Have a great week



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