Hello Vegetable

It’s getting intense here – some days it feels like we’re in the doldrums on a sailboat with no sign of wind.

A routine has emerged but the twenty-four hour proximity magnifies our eccentricities, exposes our frailties and frays our tempers.

The silences in between outbreaks have become longer and I suspect our isolation is becoming more and more of an interior journey.

With weeks more lockdown ahead we need something to help us through – distraction, connection, an emotional lighthouse of some kind.

To this end Fair Food invites you to send photos, drawings and audio memos of your produce.

Yes, your produce.

It could be a Hokusai inspired reclining nude banana or a zucchini seeking to reconcile its place as a vegetable in an adopted land – it’s up to you.

For me it’s been a red cabbage perched on the piano while I play Makin’ Whoopee –a tribute to Michelle Pfeiffer’s siren scene from the The Fabulous Baker Boys.

Whichever way you go there’ll be no judgement.  We’re all in this together after all.

The results will be gathered and entrusted to local animator, Leonie Van Eyk, whose task it is to synthesise our ruminations into an animated film called Hello Vegetable.⁠

Here’s the instructions…

Do any or all or none of the following:⁠

TAKE THREE PHOTOS of your produce in landscape format.

MAKE A VOICE RECORDING of your produce thoughts, poem, song whatever you’ve got.⁠

DRAW OR PAINT YOUR PRODUCE and send us a photo.⁠

BACKGROUND take a snap of a favourite spot in your place or garden.⁠

Email your responses to hellovegetable@ceresfairfood.org.au by September 25th⁠.

PS.  Don’t think about it too much, no need to crop photos and remember send images and sounds you’re happy to share with the rest of us.⁠ 

Hello Vegetable, like Live from the Packing Floor, is Fair Food’s way of supporting artists who have lost work during COVID-19 and aren’t being looked after by our Federal Government’s JobKeeper program.

UV box steriliser

No box left behind

It may come as a surprise but the cardboard boxes, coolers and ice bottles that come with your groceries actually generate more emissions than the van that delivered them!

However, there is something really easy you can do to make a big difference.

If you leave your Fair Food packaging – that includes all your cardboard boxes, coolers and ice bottles – out before your next delivery, we’ll put them through our new Barden Steri-Box 7000 UV steriliser ⁠and reuse them or recycle (if they’re not in great shape).

Read more about it here and have a safe week



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