Winter tonic – making a fire cider / Joe’s Senape

Saturday, June 3rd, 2017 at 9:04 am

About 30 years ago a Turkish neighbour gave farmer, Joe Garita some senape seed to grow in his Coburg market garden.  The mustard green, Joe was told, was popular in Turkish cuisine and would grow well in his Merri Creek market garden.

Joe threw the seeds in and true to the neighbour’s word the senape grew and the locals, who continue to drop by to this day, came to the garden to buy the beloved senape they could seldom find in shops.

Joe grew the vigorous green in large cultivated blocks with no pathways.  When it was harvest time he would just wade in cutting a swathe through the part of the patch that was most ready.

You can eat senape either raw in salads (especially if you love a full peppery burst) or cooked – steamed or sauteed in olive oil with garlic as you would spinach or leaf amaranth.

Mustard greens like senape contain high levels of antioxidants and are a good source of immune-boosting vitamin C, just in time to boost your immunity during Winter flu season. They’re best fresh so eat them as soon as you can.

Vince, Joe’s cousin (that’s him below with a senape bunch), continues Joe’s tradition of saving senape seed each year just like Joe’s famous broad beans.  Joe’s senape will be in some of our set fruit & veg boxes and also available by the bunch through June. You can also get it direct from CERES’ farmers, Emily and Monique, every Saturday between 9am & 1pm at Joe’s Market Garden Farm Gate Edna Grove, Coburg.


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