Why Connect with Fair Food?

Since the start of the industrial age people have become increasingly disconnected from the land, the source of their food and the natural systems that support its production. As supermarket and convenience shopping replaces our local butchers, bakers, milkmen and fruit & veg stores, it has become more and more difficult to know where our food comes from, what’s in it and the conditions under which it was produced.

CERES Fair Food is an organic food delivery system established to reconnect members to the farming families who grow our food, giving you access to affordable local, fresh, organic and fairly traded produce.

Some other reasons to get involved:

Reduce food mileage. Our unique packing & delivery system radically reduces the resources involved in getting organic food from the ground to your dinner table.

Get best value, affordable organics. Less resource intensive packaging, direct supply from growers & efficient delivery allow us to pass on savings to customers.

Give farmers a fair price. Our customers help sustain our local farming communities and economy throughout the year, not just when it’s most profitable for us.

Support disadvantaged workers. Our social enterprise employs and trains a great team of packers and drivers who haven’t always had it very easy, but they are passionate about delivering the best looking fruit and veg boxes you’ve ever seen right across Melbourne, every week. Your groceries give them a starting point from which to develop new skills and become accustomed to working in Australia.

Our food is chemical free. No nasty pesticides or fertilisers to ingest. And not only will your certified organic produce taste better because ours is always gathered from the freshest in season sources, your groceries are also much better for the environment and for the health of growers.

We use almost no packaging. Reusable & portable boxes means less waste for us, less for you. We only ever use brown paper bags to package dry goods and biodegradable plastic bags for delicate items such as grapes.

No Food Waste Policy. Any excess produce gets donated to charity and they feed those in need. All green waste gets turned into compost to grow more organic fruit and vegetables in local community gardens, helping us urbanites be more self-reliant and food secure in the future.

We are a profit-for-purpose initiative. All our profits go to support the good work of a not-for-profit organisation that educates and supports the community to make positive changes in support of a happier, healthier and more sustainable future. Visit CERES Community Environment Park for more info.

So put your groceries to good work. Join the Fair Food Movement!



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