Quick and Easy Home Made Ricotta

Fresh ricotta takes less than 45 minutes to make and is a beautiful process to undertake; while watching the curds separate from the whey you’ll wonder ‘am I a  kitchen magician?’ the answer is yes – you’ll never have to buy tubbed ricotta again.

Beetroot Curry by Open Table

Beetroot Curry, by Open Table

This vibrant curry is inspired by a Sri Lankan recipe. It’s mildly sweet and very comforting as the weather becomes increasingly chilly!

Green coconut curry

This green coconut curry offers sweetness, saltiness and heat in every mouthful. We’ve used pumpkin and green beans here, but you could add any veg that needs eating.

Quick Braised Spigariello

Spigariello is an heirloom leaf broccoli with origins in southern Italy. It is similar to Tuscan kale with nutrient-dense leaves and a rich flavour.