Keeping the faith

Monday, February 26th, 2018 at 9:17 am

Later this week at the CERES Fair Food warehouse there’ll be a public announcement about some funding for three new projects in 2018 

All of them are exciting and worthy but one, a webshop project to develop some of the features we proposed in our Rewiring the Food System campaign over three years ago, is the most satisfying.

The recent history of our webshop development is one of those unfortunate, “This’ll never happen to us” scenarios. 

In 2015 we decided to move from our custom-built webshop to a web-based platform. Naively, I believed getting us on board would take about three months.  But after a year and a half of waiting I made the difficult decision to end the relationship with the software company.

We had to fight for it, and like everything this also took a long time, but in the end a settlement was reached that enabled us to continue work on our old webshop.

We were back to square one, only by this time more than two years had past.

With the help of local developers, The Open Food Network (OFN), we looked for ways to bring our old system up to speed.  Steadily chipping away we’ve been able to introduce 5 day delivery, next day ordering and have fixed a hundred little things that have sped the site up and bit-by-bit made shopping easier.  

After the announcement this week the work begins (no, I won’t put completion dates on anything any more, but I do have confidence in OFN’s developers to get things done).

In the big picture this will help Fair Food to keep growing and buying more food from organic & regenerative farmers and giving more jobs to people who have come to Australia as asylum seekers and then, with the profits, helping CERES help more people fall in love with the earth.

Three years ago 370 of you contributed to Fair Food’s crowdfunding campaign – I’d like to apologise for keeping you waiting so long and I also want to thank you and all Fair Food’s supporters for sticking by Fair Food.

Sweet deliverance continues on Fridays

So our Friday deliveries have suddenly become a lot more popular and we’re not sure if it’s because there’s a surprise from our Super Indulgent category in there with every delivery or because nobody wants to go out into the Saturday crush for tea or lemons or a big unwieldy container of olive oil?

Keeping weekends as simple, delicious and as blissfully supermarket-free as possible is one of the keys to a happy life. I thought Pema Chodron might have said this but now I think maybe Thich Nhat Hanh or perhaps it was Tony Robbins 

Anyway, every Friday for the next two weeks we’ll be popping a treat in with your Friday order so you can make the most of Saturday morning.

And as always Friday’s order cut-off is Thursday midday. 

Have a great week.


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