How Do I Sell To Ceres Fair Food

We are always on the lookout for certified organic growers and suppliers of organic groceries. CERES Fair Food is one of the largest buyers of certified organic produce and grocery items in Victoria and wants to use this buying power to support small farming families and organic grocery businesses and also help build a strong local, regenerative food system.

Together with CERES Organic Market we have been buying from some of our growers and producers for more than 10 years and have built strong relationships based on sticking with each other right through the seasons.

We pay quickly to ensure you have the cash flow to concentrate on growing and producing food rather than talking to bank managers.

If you grow, make or distribute organic certified produce or products and would like to sell to CERES Fair Food please get in contact with Josh (fresh produce) or Alex (grocery & drygoods)

For organic produce email Josh

For organic drygoods, groceries, refrigerated items, cosmetics, cleaning etc email Alex