CERES Fair Fruit at Work

CERES Fair Food runs a fruit box delivery service for the workplace called CERES Fair Fruit at Work.

We have a number of customers in and around Melbourne CBD and the Inner Northern suburbs who are keen to provide their staff with access to the freshest, most locally grown fruit, sourced directly from Victorian farmers at a fair price.

In addition to being able to order an organic fruit component suited to your budget, our Fair Fruit at Work program delivers other important benefits to the community. Our workplace fruit customers buy from us because CERES Fair Food is a social enterprise that:

  • Employs and trains disadvantaged workers
  • Reduces the distance food travels by buying locally and investing in carbon offsets for our delivery vehicles
  • Gives farming families who practise sustainable growing methods fair & year-long incomes
  • Recycles green waste and limits the amount of packaging used
  • Is a profit-for-purpose initiative that supports the good work of CERES Environment Park

CERES Fair Food’s workplace fruit service can supply organic and/or conventional fruit per piece for delivery to your workplace once or twice a week, depending on your requirements. For pricing and other enquiries, please feel free to contact us using the form below.


Fruit at Work Enquiry Form






Estimated pieces of fruit required per delivery?

Preferred start date:

Please tick to confirm that you have read and accepted the following terms and conditions of our service.

Being a fruit delivery service committed to giving our farmers a fair go, and providing you and your staff with reliable workplace fruit deliveries, the following conditions apply to our Fair Fruit at Work delivery service:

1. We require a commitment to receiving Fair Fruit at Work deliveries at least once a week.
2. We require payment by credit card on Thursdays prior to delivery the following week.
3. We require a minimum order of 50 pieces of fruit per delivery.
4. We deliver office fruit on Mondays to Melbourne CBD and the Inner Northern Suburbs, and delivery is FREE!

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