General Ordering and Delivery Info

Where and when we deliver: We deliver to our neighbourhood Food Hosts across Melbourne every Tuesday, Wednesday and ThursdayTimes vary depending on Food Host location, usually between 4pm-9pm. All orders to your local Food Host come with free delivery and because you’re sharing delivery with your neighbours  it’s not only good for your pocket but also for our community and environment.

Home Deliveries run Monday to Friday across most Melbourne suburbs. Deliveries arrive between 11am-7pm.  Check our postcode finder to see if we deliver in your area, and how frequently.  Most areas of Melbourne (zone 1) incur a $6.75 fee per delivery, and $12.95 for outer suburbs (zone 2) – and are carbon offset.

Order deadlines: We now offer next day delivery for all orders, just get your order in by midday the day before your delivery. For example, if you use a Thursday Food Host to collect your groceries, you need to get your order in by Wednesday midday. If you now receive home delivery on Mondays, get your order in by midday on Sunday. Easy!


Reminders: If you chose to receive SMS and Email reminders to order you will receive these a couple days before cut off. You can manage your subscriptions from your Profile.

Paying: Whether you PAY NOW or PAY AS YOU GO at checkout, your invoice will only be emailed to you at the order deadline (we call this the ‘cut off’), as you can always go back and add items until the order deadline.

Changing an order: If you ever need to manage an upcoming delivery, you can from the My Orders page before the order deadline.

Order failed to process: If your payment fails, or you find something else on your order is incorrect, simply contact us before 10am the day after cut off and we can sort it out.

Standing orders: If you’re finding it difficult to remember even with the SMS and email reminders we send out, then you might like to set up a standing order for you basics. You can do this by ticking the “add to cart as standing order” tickbox below the “add the cart” button in the webstore.

Missing boxes or groceries? Read our Service Guarantee here

Complaints: We provide organic groceries fresh from local farmers. If you have any issues regarding the quality of the produce, please contact us and we will do our absolute best to resolve the issue.

Returning boxes and eskies: Return used boxes to your Food Host, or boxes and eskies to where your home delivery is set down and we’ll pick them up and reuse them! If you’re finding this isn’t happening for some reason, feel free to contact us and we’ll ensure they are.


Food Host Delivery Info

Forgot to pick up or running late:  If you make an order you must pickup. If you are unable to pickup your order for whatever reason, please contact your Food Host immediately to arrange an alternative pickup arrangements. Please note that this is entirely up to the Food Host’s discretion. You can find their contact details in your Profile.

What to expect at pick up: The boxes and esky will be stacked. The box or boxes destined for you will be marked with your name, if it is not at your Food Host and you definitely ordered one, please don’t take someone else’s. If you are sure you have ordered, contact us and we will deliver a fresh order to your home the next day or provide a full refund. Read more about our Customer Service Guarantee here.

The esky: Items requiring refrigeration will be packed into a communal esky. Please only take what is yours, according to your Receipt, which will be inside your food box.

Missing esky item: If you’re sure you ordered an item and what you ordered hasn’t been delivered, please don’t take anyone else’s. Contact us and we’ll do our utmost to get you what you ordered, or provide a refund. Read more about our Customer Service Guarantee here.

Esky Etiquette: Please do not remove the communal esky or ice blocks from your Food Host, and ensure you secure the lid after use.

Still have questions? Perhaps you’d like to check out our Frequently Asked Questions.

Alternatively, please feel free to contact us using the detail below.

Thank you again for supporting our social enterprise.

The Fair Food Crew
(03) 8673 6288

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