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Your Crowdsaucing Day options

When you’re organising your Crowdsaucing day, you can just have a Crowdsaucing with friends, family, neighbours and people you already know.

You might also want to host a PUBLIC CROWDSAUCING and meet some new people. There were several successful public Crowdsaucing Days last year; one run by Transition Hobson Bay in Altona, another at by at some private homes.

“It was so much more fun to do the saucing with even a small group of 4 and opening it to the public and having a ‘stranger’ attend really made it a convivial, friendly experience, probably far more than if we all knew each other and had the same old conversations” – Kate, public Crowdsaucer, 2016

Creating a public Crowdsaucing Day event

One great option is to use Facebook to create a public event and then have friends & CERES Fair Food share your event. Make sure you’re clear in your event description about how many people you can host and how to get in contact with you (so you can organise tomato quantities and what people need/can bring on the day). For more help & guidance on how to write and promote your event, email Monique at crowdsaucing@ceresfairfood.org.au or share it on the Crowdsaucing with CERES Fair Food Facebook page.

Creating a Facebook event

If you’re not sure of how to make a Facebook event here is a step by step how-to:

Step 1

Step 1. In your Facebook landing page (not your wall), click on Events (see arrow)


Step 2. Click on Create Event + (blue button) you an choose Create Public Event.


Step 3. A pop up screen will appear where you create your event. Add a photo, make an interesting/descriptive name for your event.


Step 4. Choose a date and time for your event. Remember that Crowdsaucing tomato orders begin on Friday March 24th, and delivery begins week commencing March 27th. Check your home delivery day, and choose a day that suits you and your delivery day.


Step 5. Add a good detailed description to your event. Make sure people know how to get in contact with you, or you know how to get in contact with them so that you can organise the day and tomato amounts after they have decided to join your event. It’s a good idea to say how many people you can host too.

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When you’re done adding detail to your event, click the blue Create button. Facebook will navigate to your event page. You can still click edit here, and add/change things on your event such as time, details, day etc.


Step 6. When you’re happy with your event, you can then share it on your news feed by clicking Share (see arrow) and/or invite friends.


Step 7. You can always find your event page again though your Facebook landing page >Events >Hosting (see arrow).






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