(obviously our customers are the greatest)

🍎 Just got my first box and I love it!  The box had barely got in my front door and I was already halfway through an apple!  Fantastic quality and variety.  Can’t wait to share with everyone.  Thank you!

🌟 I wanted to thank you for the amazing service you guys provide.  As someone who works mad hours you are now even better at being my one-stop-shop to healthy eating and living.  My food host and their family is lovely and every home delivery driver I’ve happened across has been so smiley and friendly.  Thanks!

🐝 Absolutely amazing. Great variety and quality.  Never buying fresh produce from the supermarket again!

💚 Highly recommended. The fresh veggies and fruit quality is exceptional. The fridge and fruit bowl are awash with colourful and fresh produce. The delivery turn around time is excellent. The website is great to use. Very happy family here.

🚛 Hi! Just a quick note to tell you that I love your delivery people. Consistently good folk!

🍉 So thank y’all for your continued efforts at educating us, and giving us an alternative to single use everyday items.  I love being part of such an awesome community that cares about us AND our precious earth.

🌟 The boring weekly shop has never felt so good!  Well done CERES!

🌿 Dear Fair Food team,
I just wanted to write and say, thank you for your wonderful service and produce. I recently started purchasing from CERES after a few other failed organic delivery attempts, and I will never look back.  I appreciate everything that you do, for my family, for the farmers and for the environment. Keep up the AMAZING work.

🍒 Thankyou thankyou thankyou for your fantastic service!

💛 I only joined CERES towards the end of last year and it is now another source of joy in my life. Thank you for all you do and the way that you do it.

👌🏽 I’ve been using Fair Food for close to 5 years and can’t shop any other way now.  I love opening the box each week to find a huge variety of fresh, beautiful veges (seriously I must be getting the brightest and biggest of the lot).  My go-to is the vege-only box and its the best value organic I have come across, far better than picking through the pricy scraps at some organic stores… and if ever I have a query there is a friendly problem-solver only a phone call away.  Thank you, thank you for all you do!

🌿 Fantastic Service.  Weekly delivery of fresh, organic fruit and veg.  We get the medium box of mixed fruit and veg and it feeds a family of 5 for the week.  I love this!!!!

😇 Just wanted to say thank you. I think what you guys do, what you are about is very important and gives me hope and makes me feel like I am not alone and feel connected to like minded people. Thanks a million!

🍓 The best.  So fresh and such good value!

🍊 Highly recommend.  Just received my organic food box and cannot rave enough.  Delivered safely by a friendly driver and you can tell it is 100% organic, fresh and handled with care.  Thank you.

💚 Love your work, keep going! Best fruit and veg going round.

👌🏽 I also wanted to thank you and your delivery guys for fabulous service and incredible produce.  We had a baby in June and not only have your food orders allowed me to stay indoors during the winter and in the weeks after birth but your deliverers have walked our orders up three flights of stairs each week with no complaints whatsoever – actually always with a happy smile for Sid and I. It’s a wonderful service you offer and we’ve been happy customers for many years.  Thanks so so much!

💛 I picked up my first food box from my food host yesterday.  What a pleasure.  The produce is excellent and my son is loving the “mini things”… his term for plums.  We are happy customers!

🚚 I was so happy when I received my box yesterday, it was was beyond expectations!  I do travel A LOT for work so it’s great that I can place orders so easy and have them delivered so quick!!  Thanks again and keep up the good work!

🌟 The best quality and service.  Brilliant, so glad I found you guys.