How it works?

The Quick Guide

1. Sign up
2. Go shopping
3. Select Home Delivery or collection at a nearby Food Host
4. Select your delivery date
5. Pay at checkout

Bit more detailed guide

Order deadlines

Order cutoff is 12 noon (midday), the day before your delivery. So if there are available delivery slots and you order before 12 noon, we’ll get it to you the next day!

Adding items to an order

You can add or delete items in your order any time before the order deadline – when logged in, just click on the My Orders tab to see and edit upcoming orders.

Changing dates for an order

You can change the date of an upcoming delivery as long as it’s before the order deadline – when logged in, just click on the My Orders tab to see and edit upcoming orders.

Minimum order

To remain as efficient and affordable as possible, we do have a minimum order of $40.

Recurring Orders

If you want a regular delivery of something you get every week or so like bread, milk or that delicious locally made chocolate then tick the “recurring order” box before adding to cart, and select how often you’d like it delivered.

Order Reminders

In your Profile you can choose to receive an SMS or Email to help you remember to order.


Now 6 days a week!

We offer home delivery to most Melbourne suburbs Monday to Saturday.  You can use our postcode finder to check your delivery days.

Free delivery

Free home delivery with all orders $75 and over.

Free delivery will be automatically applied at checkout when your order total is $75 or greater, after any discounts or coupons have been applied. 

Orders under $75 will incur our $6.95 delivery fee.

When will my order arrive?

Home deliveries happen between 9am-7pm. We’ll send you an SMS on delivery morning with the approximate time your groceries will arrive – delivery times vary from week to week.

Can I choose my delivery time?

At the moment you can’t choose your delivery time – our efficiency (and affordability) largely stems from this flexibility in our distribution. But we’ll let you know if it’s possible in the future!

Food Host Delivery

We deliver free to over 40 Food Host locations across Melbourne, good neighbours who offer their verandah as a collection point for others. Most Food Hosts are open for several hours, usually between 5pm-9pm – check your nearest Food Host for details.

Payment, Invoices and Issues

Payment options

When checking out your cart, you can choose to Pay Now or Pay As You Go.

Choose Pay Now to pay for your order in full, right now. Whether you’re ordering a single soy milk for this week or 10 weeks of veggie boxes, we will charge the full amount to your credit or debit card now.

Choose Pay As You Go to process your payment for the coming week’s order only. All payments are finalised at 12noon the day before delivery is scheduled. Pay As You Go allows you to easily add or delete items in your order up until it is processed at 12noon the day before your delivery. Go to My Orders to edit your selection. If you have placed a recurring order, we will only take payment for the coming week’s delivery.


Your invoice will be emailed to you at the order deadline which is 12noon the day before your delivery is due.

Order failed to process

If your payment fails, or you find something is incorrect with your order simply contact us as soon as possible and we will do our best to have your order reinstated.

Missing items

If something isn’t there or has gone missing please contact us – also see our Service Guarantee here

Returning boxes

One of the most important things we can do to reduce our carbon footprint is flat-pack and return used cardboard boxes, ice bottles and cooler boxes to your Food Host or where your home delivery is dropped. Your driver will pick them up on your next delivery day, and we’ll reuse them as many times as we can.


If you have any quality issues please contact us promptly and we happily replace the item, provide a credit or refund your money.

Food Host collection

What to expect at pick-up

All orders, including a communal cooler box of refrigerated items, will be stacked in a sheltered spot.  Your box or boxes will have your name on it. If your order is not at your Food Host please don’t take someone else’s just contact us and we will find out what’s happened. If need be we will deliver a fresh order to your home the next day or provide a full refund. Read more about our Service Guarantee here.

The communal cooler box

Refrigerated items are packed into a communal cooler box. Please only take what is yours, according to the check list on the box.

Missing refrigerated item

If you ordered an item and it isn’t in the communal cooler box please call us (don’t take someone else’s).  Contact us and we’ll do our utmost to get you what you ordered, or provide a refund. Read more about our Service Guarantee here.

Fridge etiquette (close the lid)

Please do not remove the communal cooler box or ice bottles from your Food Host’s verandah and be sure to secure the lid after you’ve collected your items.

Forgot to pick up or running late?

If you are unable to pick up your order please contact your Food Host ASAP to make alternative arrangements. Please note that this is up to the Food Host’s discretion. You can find their contact details in your Profile.

Still have questions?

Our FAQs page might help!

Alternatively, feel free to contact us using the details below.

The Fair Food Crew
(03) 8673 6288