Our Buying Policy at CERES Fair Food

Sourcing Produce

First, we grow it ourselves – but definitely not all of it

We’d love to grow all of our own but with only 3 acres of inner city market garden we can only supply a certain amount of Fair Food’s produce needs.

Second, we go to local farmers

We buy directly from many local organic farmers and producers – this puts more dollars into their pockets, adds more flexibility to their seasons and generally makes life as a grower a lot more sustainable. If you’d like to sell through Fair Food please get in touch by emailing buyer@ceresfairfood.org.au.

Third, we carefully source from wholesale agents

We also buy selected produce through wholesale agents at the Melbourne Markets – where we seek out Victorian organic produce first. During spring when we traditionally run short of Victorian produce we source from further afield, however when we have a choice we always go local.

So what about bananas, sweet potato, ginger, mangoes, pineapples and papayas?

All these foods are grown in Queensland, some are staples central to people’s diets and these we supply all year around, others we think of as seasonal treats which we only stock occasionally.

Sourcing Groceries

If it’s not organic we’ll tell you

Almost everything we sell is certified organic or biodynamic. If we ever we sell something that isn’t certified organic or biodynamic we’ll tell you loud and clear. Organic certification includes the humane treatment of animals, excludes the use of genetically modified organisms and growth hormones.

We love local

Keeping food miles low, we support local farmers and artisans, helping secure our local food systems into the future.

We choose Australian grown & made first

We source items that are sustainably grown and produced in Australia. We’ll only import grocery items like canned tomatoes when there are no local alternatives. And we’re constantly looking for local options and alternatives, so if you find that good thing locally let us know.

We minimise packaging

We offer lots of bulk options as well as returnable-refillable product lines. When we pack your wholefoods and salad mixes, they go out to you in home compostable bags. Our minimal packaging ethos saves money and energy, and reduces single use plastics and general waste.

We’re into Fair Trade

We support Fair Trade producers for our imported items such as coffee, cacao and chocolate.

GM Free

We’re totally GM free.

We’re careful about palm oil

We avoid products that contain palm oil unless they come from a certified sustainable source.

We provide for the dietary challenged

More and more people experience food allergies and intolerances these days so we provide alternatives so everyone can create delicious meals.

Suggestions are always welcome, please email us at info@ceresfairfood.org.au