CERES Fair Food team 2020 - photo by Léo Ricardo

Who we are

CERES Fair Food delivers organic groceries to households across Melbourne, sourced from over 150 farmers and ethical grocery makers.

Together we support regenerative farming practices, provide employment and career pathways for new migrants, and return 100% of profits to CERES environmental education programs.


What we’re about

Eating and living better

Fill up on the good stuff with:
– quality certified organic and biodynamic fruit and veg  
– ethical groceries for kitchen, home and body
– next-day delivery across Melbourne, Monday to Saturday
– free delivery for all orders over $75

Caring for people and place 

Together we: 
– pay farmers a fair price and stick with our suppliers through the seasons
– give new farmers and small scale growers a leg up to succeed
– provide employment opportunities and career pathways for people seeking asylum and new migrants
– return all profits to CERES to help people fall in love with the Earth again

Wasting less, enjoying more! 

We’re all making a huge impact by:
– minimising household food waste (buy exactly what you need!)
– collecting and reusing our boxes and coolers many times over
– supporting closed loop cycles of return > refill > reuse – packing bulk wholefoods and loose greens in 100% home compostable packaging
– powering the entire Fair Food warehouse from 240 solar panels
– returning all our green waste to organic farms, gardens and animal rescue orgs. Viva la compost!

Keeping it real

We’re here for you with:
– brilliant customer service 
– next day delivery – simply order before 12 noon
– the best delivery drivers in town (seriously, our crew are beloved!) 
– no contracts or subscriptions
– seasonal plant-based recipes