About Us

Our mission is to do good at every step along the food supply chain

We support Victorian farmers, grocery makers & suppliers and stick with them through the seasons

We employ
people seeking asylum, new arrivals and others who are doing it tough

We work with over 70 neighbourhood Food Hosts, building
human scale connections in our community

We use returnable boxes, compostable bags and pack your produce with minimal waste

All our profits help CERES teach kids and adults how to take good care of our planet



For customers

  • Affordable certified organic or biodynamic produce and groceries
  • Home delivery 5 days a week – just order by midday the day before
  • Free delivery to over 70 neighbourhood Food Hosts (pick-up points)
  • Choose from set produce boxes or a la carte shopping.
  • Set and forget repeat grocery orders 
  • No lock-in contracts or subscriptions
  • Helpful, real customer service with a 24 hour Service Guarantee
  • Heartfelt and funny email updates and customisable SMS reminders

For producers

  • We buy direct from our farmers and grocery makers where ever we can
  • Pesticide and herbicide free organic farming is better for the health of growers and animals
  • We pay a fair price and stick with our growers and makers through the seasons
  • We support local economies – whenever there is a choice we always buy Victorian first
  • We buy Fair Trade products for the things we don’t grow in Australia

For the planet

  • No factory farmed products
  • No pesticides, herbicides or artificial fertilisers 
  • No genetically modified organisms
  • Wherever we can we buy directly from small farms and as close to home
  • We buy in bulk bins so growers can minimise handling and boxes
  • Our green waste is composted at CERES Organic Farm or Croxton School Garden
  • We pack in boxes & eskies which are collected and reused many times over.
  • Bulk foods and salad mixes are packed in compostable brown paper bags or home-compostable eco cellophane bags
  • Fair Food vehicles are carbon offset via the Lao Cookstove Project
  • Our warehouse is powered by 240 solar panels

For our community

  • We support our local economy, especially small producers and grocery makers
  • We employ those seeking asylum, new arrivals and other workers who are doing it tough
  • Excess produce is donated to our mates at Free Feed Street Kitchen to feed people in need
  • We accept material donations for the Asylum Seeker Resource Centre
  • We share our skills and knowledge in conversations, tours, workshops and at conferences
  • All our profits support CERES Community Environment Park educating kids and adults to look after the planet