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Krautsourcing Day is over for 2016, but stay tuned for other CERES Fair Food events like Crowdsaucing in March 2017, and Krautsourcing Day in 2017!


Krautsourcing Day went a little like this…

As local Winter-Spring cabbages arrived by the box load to the CERES Fair Food warehouse, we were excited to be celebrating our inaugural Krautsourcing Day on October 8th.

Krautsourcing Day is a quasi-festival of fermenting where Melbournians gather together to shred, salt and schmoosh cabbage into jars before leaving them to ferment for 4-6 weeks. And of course, everyone shares the spoils.

The Krautsourcing Day idea is the similar to Crowdsaucing Day in April 2016, only this time CERES Fair Food will brought locally grown cabbages to you, your friends, family and neighbours and you make all kinds of sauerkraut together. If the idea of fermenting in a social setting lights your fire then Krautsourcing Day would be right up your alley. Perhaps it’s the invitation you need to get started, or to share your existing skills with others.

CERE Fair Food will provide with the resources, links, information and know-how to create your own sauerkraut and learn more about the benefits of fermented foods.

*Warning: Sauerkraut is a gateway ferment. Its ease belies a hidden risk of addiction, and the likelihood of encouraging a deep and abiding ferment fervor. No vegetable is safe, should this inoculation succeed.

If you have any questions about Krautsourcing Day, post them on the page or email Monique:


Krautsourcing Resources


Sauerkraut method PDF with steps for creating, fermenting and storing sauerkraut.

Sauerkraut Flavouring PDF with lots of ideas and hints on how to make your sauerkraut taste amazing.

Salt: How much for my sauerkraut and why PDF with information about the role of salt in the body and in sauerkraut fermentation.

Jars: Which jars should I use? PDF with information about some options of what to ferment you sauerkraut in.




How to make sauerkraut

How to schmoosh sauerkraut

How to seal a jar of sauerkraut


Bonus Resources:


Fermentation: What, why & who PDF with information about why we ferment, what actually happens in fermentation, what fermentation is and why fermented products are so good for you.

A short history of sauerkraut PDF for those who want to sounds really smart at their Krautsourcing Day/next party.

Fermented products of the world PDF with information about the global nature of fermentation and interesting fermented products you may or may not have heard of.


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