What is Crowdsaucing?

Crowdsaucing is a tomato saucing day in your neighbourhood. Locally grown, organic* saucing tomatoes will be delivered to your Crowdsaucing day by CERES Fair Food. Crowdsaucing 2017 is 21 days of Crowdsaucing.

You can order Crowdsaucing tomatoes from Friday March 24th- Sunday April 9th at 11:59PM.Tomato delivery will be from Monday March 27th to Thursday April 13th.

You organise your Crowdsaucing Day during our 21 days of Crowdsaucing. You can keep it a private day, and just invite friends and family or if you’re feeling adventurous and want to meet some new people you can organise a public Crowdsaucing day (public Crowdsaucings are great for community kitchens, schools & workplaces).

The details of your Crowdsaucing day are up to you. There are many ways to make sauce, and it is up to you how you do it and where you get your equipment from. Of course, whether it’s a public or a private Crowdsaucing day, you’ll be able to order the amount of tomatoes you wish to use.

Crowdsaucing is an opportunity to get together with other enthused sauce makers, learn a new skill, enjoy local seasonal produce, bask in the community, sharing and fun that home-cooking culture creates, all while making your own sauce to enjoy through the long tomatoless months of the year. CERES Fair Food will sourced bulk tomatoes and will deliver them to ‘crowdsaucers’ who want to make anything from a few bottles through to a winters-worth of bottled tomatoes.

Crowdsaucing tomatoes will be in the CERES Fair Food from Friday March 24th to Sunday April 9th at 11:59PM (last delivery April 13th, no delivery on Good Friday.)

Crowdsaucing is not just for existing CERES Fair Food members, although you will have to join CERES Fair Food to order your Crowdsaucing tomatoes.

How to become a Crowdsaucer.

(1). You create & organise your Crowdsaucing day for a day during our 21 days of Crowdsaucing.

(2). Check the days your eligible for home delivery. Make sure you can get your tomatoes delivered in time for your Crowdsaucing day. You can check your postode here.

(3) Invite friends, family, neighbours or even strangers.

(4). Investigate our sauce-making resources page, consult your old family recipes for kasundi & relish and get ideas for your Crowdsaucing day flowing.

(5). Organise/buy/trade/borrow the equipment you’ll need. If you’ve invited people, get them to bring extra knives, buckets, aprons etc.

(6). If you’re not already a CERES Fair Food member, JOIN US here.

(7). When Crowdsaucing tomatoes go on sale (Friday March 24th to Sunday April 9th at 11:59PM) at the CERES Fair Food, purchase your tomatoes.

(8). Await your delivery day, enjoy your Crowdsaucing day, take photos and share them with #crowdsaucing2017

For any questions about Crowdsaucing, check the Crowdsaucing FAQs or contact Monique (crowdsaucing@ceresfairfood.org.au), our Crowdsaucing Co-ordinator.

Why 21 days of Crowdsaucing?

Last year, our first  Crowdsaucing Day took place on April 30th. 5 tonnes of  tomatoes were delivered to over 165 addresses and 300+ Crowdsaucers on April 29th, 2016.

We learned that trying to supply 5 tonnes of organic tomatoes on one make-or-break day wasn’t the best way to encourage people to organise a Crowdsaucing and make piles of passata. At the very last minute, we were unable to supply organic tomatoes, and in a feat of ingenuity, we sourced 5 tonnes of local conventional tomatoes, to those who registered interest in Crowdsaucing could still live their saucing dreams.

This year, with 21 days of Crowdsaucing, we hope to see Crowdsaucing days spread over this time, with orders for Crowdsaucing tomatoes.

*While we will do our very best to supply organic tomatoes, the reality of Victorian organic tomato farming means that demand may outstrip supply at peak times. If organic tomatoes are not available, we will be filling orders for Crowdsaucing with the best local conventional tomatoes we can find.



The long term goal

The long term view of Crowdsaucing is to have the Crowdsaucing.org.au website be an Australia-wide open source resource which anyone, anywhere can use to link farmers, fruit and saucers with each other. With the Crowdsaucing website, people will be able to organise crowdsaucings anywhere in Australia.


The history of Crowdsaucing

Late in 2015 the crew at CERES Fair Food were frustrated  that we couldn’t find local organic tinned tomatoes to sell.

At the same time, on the back of  below-cost Italian tinned tomatoes being dumped on the Australian market, we had been witnessing the decline of local tomato growers, down from 400 in 1982 to less than 10 in 2015.

Pondering the two things separately, we realised the problems were the solutions.

“Why don’t we grow a lot of tomatoes and encourage people to join forces, create community, support a local farmer and discourage the buying of imported tinned tomatoes by having a giant sauce-making day?”

Thus, CrowdSAUCING began to take shape.

On April 30th 2016 we had our inaugural Crowdsaucing Day. Unfortunately, our tomatoes were arrived the day before still green and hard.  A magic feat of 6am string-pulling and favour-calling from friends down at the Melbourne wholesale-market resulted in the arrival of 5 tonnes of ruby red local conventional tomatoes to save our saucing dreams.

And although the supply issue could have been a dampener crowdsaucers across Melbourne pulled up their sleeves and got to chopping and processing more than the 5 tonnes we had to offer.  Despite the supply hiccup the feedback was overwhelmingly positive.

‘We had a brilliant day on Saturday, and turned 80kg of those lovely tomatoes into gorgeous sauce!’ –Libby, 2016 Crowdsaucer

‘It was so much more fun to do the saucing with even a small group of 4 and opening it to the public and having a ‘stranger’ attend really made it a convivial, friendly experience, probably far more than if we all knew each other and had the same old conversations.’ – Kate, public Crowdsaucing day Crowdsaucer 2016

CERES Fair Food had their own Crowdsaucing Day event and 12 people sauced 100 kg of tomatoes together in the CERES Community Kitchen. In the weeks after Crowdsaucing Day, all the green tomatoes all got sold too!

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