Our Buying Policy for Fresh Organic Produce

First, we grow it ourselves
We source seasonal, organic produce grown on the CERES Organic Farm in Brunswick East and Coburg.We grow herbs like basil, coriander, continental parsley, dill, mint, lemon grass. leafy greens like lettuce, bok choi, silverbeet, chard, kale, spinach, and other vegetables like tomatoes, spring onions, zucchini, cucumber, beetroot, turnips, daikon and some interesting crops like nettles, milk thistle, rappa, and leaf amaranth. We also grow oyster and shiitake mushrooms in a specially made growing system housed in a number of converted shipping containers.

Second, we buy from our neighbours
We buy from backyard organic growers for example Pete, a CERES community gardener, has been providing CERES with home grown lemons, persimmons and figs for 7 years.

Third, we go to local farmers
We buy directly from as many local growers as we can find. Some of the local growers we proudly buy direct from are… click here…

Fourth, we carefully source from wholesale agents
Then we buy through wholesale agents at the Melbourne Markets – where we seek out local Victorian farmers and their produce.

So, what about the bananas?
We understand there are people – especially parents of young children, who find it hard to do without bananas – so we will continue to source bananas but we’re looking to find the most sustainable way of bringing them down from NSW and Queensland.


Our Buying Policy For Other Organic Groceries

  • Organic and Bio-dynamic: We only sell goods that are certified organic, unless otherwise clearly stated. Organic certification prohibits the use of genetically modified ingredients. Organic also includes the humane treatment of animals, and excludes the use of growth hormones, and includes the good treatment of hens. So organic eggs are certified free range eggs.
  • Local:  Keeping food miles low, we support local farmers and artisans, helping secure our local food systems into the future.
  • Prioritising Australian Made & Grown:  Sourcing items that are sustainably grown and produced in Australia.
  • Minimal Packaging: We offer bulk buying options. Bulk buying not only lowers your shopping dollar it also eliminates unnecessary waste and reduces your need to travel to and from a supermarket every week.
  • Community Social Support:  Support Fair Trade enterprises overseas with items such as coffee and chocolate.
  • GM Free: We support farmers committed to ecological farming that promotes biological diversity and does not contaminate the environment with chemicals and GE-organisms.
  • Palm Oil Free: We try to avoid products that contain palm oil, unless it can be proven to be coming from a certified sustainable source.
  • Dietary: Providing alternatives for dietary needs.
  • Imported Products:  There are imported items in the webstore, however, we are constantly looking into other options and better alternatives. Suggestions are always welcome, please email us at webstore@ceresfairfood.org.au
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