Kangaroo Grass Lamingtons.

Sunday, January 22nd, 2017 at 1:04 pm

A 30,000 year old grinding stone found on the Darling River in NSW tells us a little known story of the world’s first grain growers and bread-makers. Sadly Australia’s indigenous agriculture was denied as Europeans took the “unused” land and was then forgotten as our sheep ate out the native grasses. Forgotten – well almost – because in a quiet corner of Victoria the first steps in a journey to revive indigenous grain growing are being taken. A little over 2 weeks ago in a field near Mallacoota Airport, Dark Emu author, Bruce Pascoe, son Jack and a group of local volunteers harvested their first crop of kangaroo grass seed for flour. It’s a small experimental field, such a long way from the harvests of 100 or so grasses and seeds Aboriginal peoples were known to use in their baking. But perhaps not too far in the future we’ll be celebrating our first farmers and their modern-day descendants by baking our Australia Day lamingtons with flour ground from kangaroo grass seed.

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