How it works

We source the highest quality, locally produced, seasonal organic food available. Starting with CERES very own farm, then from eco-friendly growers close to Melbourne. Organic bananas are the only produce that come from further afield.

The produce is delivered to our warehouse in Northcote where our team packs it with care into a variety of fruit and veg boxes.

Sign up and chose your closest Food Host for free delivery, or use our carbon neutral home delivery service. You can find out which one suits you best here.

From our online shop you order organic fruits, vegetables and other organic groceries. We have fruit and veggies boxes to suit all lifestyles and budgets, and are always adding to our range of locally sourced organics.

You can even select items and add them to your cart as “standing orders,” meaning the order will repeat weekly, fortnightly or monthly, depending on what options you choose. You can pay for your orders in total upfront or we can deduct the weekly amount from your credit card on a weekly basis.

The boxes and extras are then delivered to your Food Host (drop-off points around metropolitan Melbourne) to be picked up by you on the set day and time, on Wednesdays if you chose home delivery.

Members collect their food boxes from a convenient Food Host location and also get the chance to meet like minded people in their neighbourhood.

If you ride or walk (shopping trolley, bike baskets / panniers / trailers are excellent!) to pick up your organic food & other groceries each week, you can reduce your food miles even further.

Remember to pack down your box and leave it at your Host in the designated area, or wherever your home delivery is left, for our drivers to collect the following week. We love extending the life of all our infrastructure and the delivery boxes are no exception. We will recycle them once their delivery life is up.

Just by buying your organic fruit and vegetables from the Fair Food box delivery scheme, your groceries are going to good work by:

  • Improving community food systems
  • Creating fair working conditions for farmers and disadvantaged workers
  • Protecting the environment

All while you get tastier, fresher & healthier grub at the best possible price! Phew…

So put your groceries to good work!


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